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Rouen Cathedral
No Description Available.
Man Reading
Bronze statue depicting a man reading.
Channel at Gravelines, Evening
Oil painting of several sailboats on the water; buildings are visible in the background
Oil painting of white roses in a vase, against a green background.
The Storm
No Description Available.
Against the Enamel of a Background Rhythmic with Beats and Angles, Tones and Colors, Portrait of Félix Fénéon in 1890
Oil painting of Félix Fénéon, wearing a suit and holding a top hat and cane in his left hand and holding out a flower in his right. There are multicolored designs in the background.
Rouen Cathedral, West Facade, Sunlight
No Description Available.
Fatata te Miti (By the Sea)
Oil painting depicting several people in the water.
Parau nate Narua ino (Word of the Devil)
Oil painting depicting a naked woman standing in a jungle and a clothed person kneeling in the background.
Girl in White
Oil painting depicting a woman wearing a white dress and yellow hat, standing in a field of flowers.
Gold and Brown: Self-Portrait
A three-quarter view portrait of the artist.
A woodcut print depicting a crowd of men and women.
Untitled (Sprinter)
No Description Available.
The Scream
No Description Available.
Did You Speak to Me?
A young girl in white is seated on a stool turns to look away from the incomplete painting of her.
Marcelle Lender Dancing the Bolero in the ''Chilpéric''
Oil painting depicting a woman dancing on a wooden floor. Other people are visible behind her.
No Description Available.
Coast Near Antibes
Rocky shoreline and house are depicted in the painting with a distant horizon and boats in the foreground and middle ground.
The Bathers
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
Evening Memory I
A painting of three people in a small boat.
Haystacks in Brittany
No Description Available.
Arearea (Joyfullness) II
No Description Available.
Poppies, Isles of Shoals
No Description Available.
Rainy Midnight
No Description Available.
Giant Magnolias on a Blue Velvet Cloth
No Description Available.
Portrait of a Woman
Portrait of a woman, visible from the shoulders up. Her hair is pinned up and she is facing toward her right.
The Seine at Giverny
No Description Available.
The Library in Venice
No Description Available.
Bridge and Campanile, Venice
No Description Available.
At the Table of Monsieur and Madame Natanson
Oil painting depicting several people seated around a table.
Crouching Woman
No Description Available.
[Prostitute known as La Clownesse in a Crowd]
Color lithograph on paper depicts La Clownesse, well-known prostitute, in front center amidst group of people. Self-portrait (?) profile of artist is included in right-side background.
Grape Harvest (Var)
Grape pickers and harvesters with buckets and barrels are depicted in this landscape painting with a mountainous horizon.
Revere Beach
No Description Available.
The Island of Raguenez Brittany
No Description Available.
The Artist's Daughter with a Parakeet
No Description Available.
After the Bath
A woman leaving her bath seen from behind is depicted in this pastel drawing.
The color lithograph used for the April-September 1907 cover of the serial Simplicissimus.
Mont Ste. Victoire
No Description Available.
By the Sea
A painting of women bathing in the sea.
Be Mysterious
No Description Available.
Sunbonnet of brown linen. Made of a plain weave with both white and brown threads, the hat has pasteboard staves within the brim, a crenelated buttoning crown and long tail. The crown and tail are separate pieces, sewn together at neck seam, with the tail fastening to the sides of the brim by 3 off-white buttons on each side. The tail is semi-circular in shape, and the narrow chin ties are hemmed by hand. Poke-style bonnets are generally those that have brims stiffened either through quilting or plain starched fabric. Sunbonnets that rely on staves for brim support are not considered poke-style sunbonnets. The TFC thanks Rebecca Jumper Matheson for her research on this object.
Sunbonnet of white cotton broadcloth. The hat has a square-shaped brim with an outer layer of off-white weave material with a plain-weave backing, and crocheted trim. The brim is thin and does not appear to contain much stiffening material or starch. The crenelated crown fastens to brim by a series of 9 buttons on top and 2 buttons on each side. The crown is trimmed with the same crocheted trim as is the brim. The crown and tail are of a made of a single length of fabric. The TFC thanks Rebecca Jumper Matheson for her research on this object.
Saxoleine (print used as base for advertisement for lamp oil)
A woman wearing a yellow Victorian dress is turning on a pink-shaded lamp situated in the foreground.
Hayricks at Dusk
The painting depicts a number of green haystacks with a blue and yellow sky, green grass in the foreground, and the sun in the center of the canvas.
Folding fan with tortoise-shell frame. Sticks and loop of tortoise shell; possibly for brise style fan; missing leaf or ribbon. Measurements: 39 cm extended; guard 21 cm long x 3 cm wide
No Description Available.
Pair of shoes of white silk damask with embroidery in green, blue, and pink. Around throat and upper edge is band of green embroidered pine cones(?)and scallop band. At toe is embroidered blossom in pale pink and blue, with trailing branches in greens with leaves in greens and buds in pinks and butterflies in greens, pinks, and browns. Along sides are similar embroidered branches, leaves, buds, and blossoms. Throatline of shoe with black banding. At point of throat is applied 3-dimensional flower of silk ribbon. Inner sole of dark tan leather, insides of shoes lined with pink/beige silk(?). Soles of leather, with built-up or stacked 1 1/4" (3cm) modified louis or opera heels. Stamped inside shoes in red are various marks in Chinese(?), and maker's mark, which is mostly illegible. Shoes are of the type called "straight lasts" in western society - no differentiation between left and right shoe.
Pair of party slippers of pale pink silk satin. Shoes have rounded toes, and wide self strap across instep, which secures with domed coral-colored button on outside edge. Strap, vamp, and upper edges of shoe are edged in slightly darker pink silk ribbon. 1 3/4" high modified Louis or cuban heel. Marked inside shoe: "3-C" (size?)