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Approach to Venice
Oil painting of boats on a river with Venice in the background.
The Bather
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
See-non-ty-a, an Iowa Medicine Man
A portrait of a Native American medicine man.
Indian Pass
A landscape painting with a Native American.
Black-Footed Ferret
A painting of a ferret and a nest of eggs.
Boy with Toy Horse and Wagon
Portrait of a young boy with his toys.
Henry L. Wells
Portrait of a young boy and a dog.
Portrait of Louise d'Haussonville
A pencil drawing of a young woman.
A roundel in the center features a woman in a highly patterned kimono holding two pieces of a vegetable. A lotus blossom is featured on the roundel. In the uppermost portion of the piece is a rectangular inset with Japanese text and double row of cloud formations. A large leaf extends below and from underneath the roundel on the lower right side. A narrow band on the right side of the artwork graduates from yellow to blue and also includes Japanese text.
Tokiwa Gozen
Japanese text in the uppermost portion of the print while below, inside a circle, a woman is surrounded by several red flowers.
Pas le sou! Si j'allais chez Miss Howard: Caricature of Louis-Napoleon Bonaporte (1808-1873)
The portrait is of a man showing that his pockets are empty while from behind fish are visible.
Queen Victoria (1819-1901) Doll Dressed in Her Coronation Robes
The doll is wearing coronation clothing including crown.
Pencil of Nature
The cover of the book is decorated with a cartouche in black and red in a mixture of styles, Medieval, Celtic and Victorian.
Lace worked in foliage patterns is depicted in this photographic image.
Illustrated Lyric Sheet for a Song Dedicated to Workers
The lyrics to a song are illustrated with figures, a sculptural monument and flags.
The round sculptural relief depicts a person with her index finger to her lips.