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The Magic Lantern
No Description Available.
Madonna of Saint Jerome
Portrait of Madonna of Saint Jerome holding a baby, surrounded by several people. A landscape is visible in the background.
James Cuthbert (?)
Portrait of a man, visible from the waist up. He is wearing a light-colored shirt with a dark-colored suit and has his left hand is tucked inside his vest.
The Swing
No Description Available.
Portrait of Philipp Hackert
No Description Available.
Portrait of Philipp Hackert
Palacio de los Marquesas de Aguas Claras
The arcade of the portico of the palace is shown and is the west flank of the plaza of the cathedral.
Still Life with Copper Kettle, Ham, and Rabbit
Painting depicting still life with copper kettle, ham, and rabbit.
Still Life with Ham
Painting depicting still life with ham.
Portrait of Johann Joachim Winckelmann
Painting depicting a portrait of Johann Joachim Winckelmann.
Marine Still Life with Corral and Seashells
Painting depicting marine sill life with corral and seashells.