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C 97-3

Description: Red, blue, and brown brushstrokes covered by a black mesh consisting of forty-nine openings arranged seven by seven through which the reds, blues and browns appear.
Date: 1997
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent

H 97-8

Description: Vertical painting with several horizontal stripes of reddish brown and black with blue, red and orange gradation motifs floating on the surface.
Date: 1997
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent

[ribbons through the sky]

Description: The horizontally oriented surface designed textile art includes depictions of pink ribbons rippling through the sky into the distant background. At the lower edge is seen a silhouette of a mountainous horizon.
Date: 1991~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko


Description: Vertical dark gray painting with shade gradations from white to black on surface. Some numbers and some text in upper right portion along with red, blue, and yellow green spots.
Date: 1996
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent

AA 99-6

Description: Painting consists of white, black, and tan brushstrokes, smeared and scraped. Two gradation motifs float vertically in the center of the canvas.
Date: 1999
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent

M 98-1

Description: Vertical painting consists of horizontal stripes of black and blue. Short vertical stripes of various colors float on the surface in the top half of the painting.
Date: 1998
Creator: Falsetta, Vincent