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No Description Available.
Pieces of what resembles a pregnant body are strewn on the floor.
I am an American? Uneasy Dream
Painting of white, black, red, orange and blue abstract circular and triangular radiating shapes.
Pirate (Untitled II)
No Description Available.
Birth of Painting
Mixed media near abstract composition of black and white. Black and white loosely rendered brush stokes onto of a photograph at the bottom of the composition.
I Saw Stalin Once When I Was a Child
No Description Available.
Arcanum IX
No Description Available.
Three Inch Wide Brush
The realistic rendering of a large paint brush hangs in the center of the picture.
Panorama of Venice
keywords: panorama ; View SW of Campo Francesco Morsini w. Vitale and Palazzo Loredan
Panorama of Florence from the Duomo
keywords: panorama ; View through the lantern of Brunelleschi's dome towards S. Croce