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The Washington Family
Portrait of the Washington Family, posing around a table that has a map on it. On the left side, a man wearing a yellow and black suit is seated at the table; a young boy is standing next to him with his hand on a globe. On the right side of the painting, an older woman is seated across from the gentleman and a younger woman is standing behind the table, holding a map. A second man is visible behind them.
Daniel Boardman
Portrait of Daniel Boardman, posing next to a tree out-of-doors. He is wearing a light-colored suit with a dark-colored coat and is holding a hat and cane in his hands. A river and city are visible in the background.
Madame Rousseau and Her Daughter
Painting depicting wife and daughter of the Architect Pierre Rousseau.
Portrait of Prince Henry Lubomirsky as Genius of Fame
Painting depicting a portrait of Prince Henry Lubomirsky as genius of fame.