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Greed's Trophy
Sculpture of rust colored thin steel and wire domed grid with a small solid shapes at the bottom of the piece.
Pair of Stone Chairs
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
Pink Panther
Sculpture of a mermaid-like female figure wear a turquoise lower garment with bust exposed. Female figure appears to holding a pink animal on her left side.
Twelve water bottles, silvered to a mirror surface, are each engraved with the name of a different bodily fluid: blood, tears, urine, milk, etc.
The Storehouse
Sculpture of seven photographs with seven electric lamps and one hundred ninety-two tin biscuit boxes containing cloth fragments.
Two-part painting of white multi-level structure and below is a male figure with a white clown like painted face.
Ride to Vistula
Painting of black, red, white, blue and brown thick loose rendering of a horse and a human head in the right corner of the composition.
The Black Paintings (Dawn)
Multiple wall size paintings of gray, peach and black striated vertical lines rendered on top of night or city landscape.
No Description Available.
Kilkenny Circle
This floor piece consists of 195 stones arranged in a cirle.
Gericault's Arm
No Description Available.
Blue Vase with Nasturtiums
Mixed media sculpture of attached multi-colored and patterned circular shapes in varied sizes. A chair and umbrella is featured on the far left side of the piece.
Red Cross
No Description Available.
The Red Sea
Abstract painting of layered black, red, yellow and white brush stokes.
Pieces of what resembles a pregnant body are strewn on the floor.
Nile Born
Sculpture of a ruler sized brown hand carved piece with a wide to narrow rounded edge.
Bricks and Bottles
No Description Available.
Portrait of a Dog
Painting of blue, green, red and orange featuring two human figures and a dog. The figure on the middle part is walking a dog while the figure on the left is nude and leaning over a bathtub. The composition on the far right is a detail view of a toilet, toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.
I am an American? Uneasy Dream
Painting of white, black, red, orange and blue abstract circular and triangular radiating shapes.
Age of Rectangles
No Description Available.
Repetitious Vision
Painting of red, black and while vertical lines containing three rows of repeated objects.
Conversion to Her
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
Emergency Room
No Description Available.
Double Sitting
Painting of brown and black with white hatch brush strokes over dark pigment.
No Description Available.
Stainless steel statue of a rabbit holding a carrot.
The Big Spoon
Painting of red, yellow, white, gray and blue near abstract composition with black gestural strokes. A large gray spoon is in the right bottom corner.
Pirate (Untitled II)
No Description Available.
Lever No. 3
Sculptural of a large dark brown organic shape with a long curved piece attached.
Watchtower (Hochsitz)
Mixed media collage painting of multi-colored textured mediums throughout surface including a repeated floral motif along the right bottom corner. White abstract horizontal and diagonal lines on top.
Medusa's Head
Large sculptural sphere made of plywood, steel, cement, rocks, and model railroad tracks suspended from ceiling.
Oersted Sapphire
The cast aluminum pieces are displayed on the floor.
Cedar Hill
No Description Available.
Laments (I Want to Live...)
A marble sarcophagus and a LED sign comprise this artwork.
Verrazano Composite I
No Description Available.
Birth of Painting
Mixed media near abstract composition of black and white. Black and white loosely rendered brush stokes onto of a photograph at the bottom of the composition.
No Description Available.
I Saw Stalin Once When I Was a Child
No Description Available.
Guardian Angel II
Painting of red,orange, green, red-orange folded geometric shaped paper affixed onto surface.
No Description Available.
Between the Eyes
No Description Available.
Painting of a black and white portraiture of a elderly female figure.
Two pages from the English translation of ''The Departure of the Argonaut'' by Alberto Savinio
Francesco Clemente embellished with lithography Alberto Savinio's war time diary, The Departure of the Argonaut.
Muscular Paper
Painting of black, green, peach, red, blue, brown, dark gray and white shapes and forms. Two dark gray figures and two blue human heads at the center of the plane. Green and brown overlapping imagery on the far right panel.
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
No Description Available.