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Color Form Synchromy

Description: Painting of red, yellow, white, green, blue and black abstract composition with primary emphasis is color. This work is inspired by Cubism which set out to reassert the importance of color in relationship to line in the creation of form.
Date: 1922~/1923~
Creator: Russell, Morgan

Light and Shadow

Description: A red triangle, three brown and black circles and a sharp spear shape dominate the center of the composition. The background of the painting, upper left and lower right corners, are bright yellow.
Date: 1922
Creator: Red'ko, Klyment Nikolaevich

Portrait of Madame Zamaron

Description: Painting of peach, yellow, crimson, green and blue featuring a seating female figure with hand clutched against tilted face. The female figure is wearing long black garment with a yellow bracelet on the right wrist.
Date: 1922~
Creator: Valadon, Suzanne


Description: A white figurative sculpture situated in front of a wisteria covered house is the main focus of this artwork. The main colors of the work are pinks and purples and done in an impressionistic fashion.
Date: 1922~
Creator: Lévy-Dhurmer, Lucien