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Armored Train in Action,
Cubist style painting of green, yellow, blue and white schema. Various abstract shapes layered upon another.
No Description Available.
Pair of boots or "High Button Shoes" of black leather. The shoes, designed with pointed toes, lace closed along center front with laces 19 holes high. The modified Louis or cuban 2" high stacked heels are rounded at sides and back, and are curved at front. Stamped on lining: "370 4331 0a 66 / Friedman-Shelby / St. Louis"
Bride and Groom
The painting shows the frontal view of a black-haired female as the bride on the left side of the canvas and a male face with a moustache and upper torso dressed in a tuxedo, as the groom on the right side.
No Description Available.
No Description Available.
Girl with a Blue Scarf
No Description Available.
Woman's black velour top hat. Designed after a man's top hat, this version has a cylindrical, slightly domed crown and narrow velour-covered brim which gently curves up. The brim has a second section below, also covered in black velour, that curves downwards, giving the brim an appearance of thickness. Around the lower part of the crown is a folded black silk taffeta grosgrain ribbon, with a large simulated silver metal buckle placed near the front on the right side of the hat. The buckle is of stamped metal simulating cut steel. The hat is lined in black silk. Embroidered label sewn to lining inside crown includes an oval frame containing a monogram, possibly RSCM, and "Gold Medal / Pattern"
Head of a Woman
No Description Available.
None But the Brave Deserve the Fair
A man in military uniform and his bride in white wedding gown walk in front of wedding party. To the left of the couple stands an old man with a cane. A church is in the background.
Over Vitebsk
No Description Available.
Portrait of Alexander Pushkin (1799-1837) on the Neva Embankment
The portrait of the man shows him in a hat and a large overcoat to the hips. He fills the foreground of the picture but other people milling about are seen in the background.
Pair of woman's white kid pumps. Designed as modified Oxford style shoes with slightly pointed toes, the white kid uppers are decorated with rows of circular holes along toe-cap, sides of vamp, sides of shoe, and heel. The shoes lace up at center front along instep, 3 holes high. The medium-high heels are curved around sides and back, covered with same leather. Front of heel cut straight across, covered with light tan leather. Stamped inside shoe: "Brooklyn Hand Turns / 'Aristocrat' / 51 - Last". Embroidered label inside shoe: "Paul's / Aristocrats / Hand Made / Turn-Sole".
Russian Peasants
No Description Available.
The Seer
No Description Available.
Pair of black peau de soie heeled shoes. Slightly pointed rounded toe, with an oval openwork area at the throat of the vamp which simulates a buckle. These "buckles" are set with simulated black jet and cut steel beads. The 2 3/8" modified French heel is covered in black peau de soie. Marked on leather sole: "VOLK"; Stamped inside right shoe: "VOLK / DALLAS"; Notation inside each shoe: "172 / 5931 / 2355"
Pair of lady's boots or "High Button Shoes" of brown leather. The shoes, designed with pointed toes, have decorative band across toe cap with row of tiny holes along line of band. The boots close along center front with laces (laces lacking), 18 holes high. Medium/high stacked heels styled as a modified boulevard or Louis heel, with rounded sides and back, tapering slightly to base, and with curved front section. Sole of brown leather. Lined in off-white/tan canvas. Stamped on lining: "37 / 1 / 7395"
Toque of black velvet. The circular crown is of black velvet, gathered at top and crafted to create wrinkles. Brim at sides and front folds up to form "visor" at front of crown, on which are artificial berries, flowers, and leaves. Hat is lined with black satin. Maker's mark stamped inside crown, partly faded/worn: Perry Hat Shoppe / Perry, NY."
Variation on a Still Life by de Heem
The painting has various bowls and pots filled with a variety of food items, including meat, fruit, and vegetables placed all over a table in the center of the painting. A mandolin leans against the table on the lower left. At the bottom right is an orange pot with two black bottles.
Winter on the Fjord
No Description Available.
Young Women on the Volga
Several women stand on the bank of a river in various stages of drying and dressing. Some smaller figures descend a steep hill on the left side of the painting.