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Abraham Lincoln Center
The building is clad in red brick, flat topped and unadorned.
Christ with Meek
Inside a dark building, several people are seated, kneeling and standing presumably listening to a man with a halo, Christ.
The Giantest Snowball
The painting depicts a group of five boys rolling a large snowball. More boys can be seen playing in the background. The palette consists of muted tones in grays and browns. Snow is on the ground and city buildings are in the background.
Girls on a Bridge
Painting depicting girls on a bridge.
The Houses of Parliament, Sunset
No Description Available.
The Invocation
Oil painting depicting a naked woman with her arms raised to the sky. Two young women are sitting on the ground on the left and two other women are standing behind the first woman. Mountains and trees are visible in the background.
The Tragedy
Painting of three subjects (woman, man and small child) standing on land beside the ocean. Variations of blue are used throughout in combination with black and beige hues. This piece was produced during Picasso's "Blue Period".
[Vase with Raised Floral Forms]
The light blue matte-glazed vase is decorated with raised floral form.
'La Vie'
Painting entitled 'La Vie'.
'La Vie'
principal detail
Woman with Dead Child
No Description Available.