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Angel and Devil
A woman showing a toy to a young seated child is the focus of this painting.
Five detailed depictions of armor stand in front of two or three more partially visible figures. The work is monochromatic on a brown ground.
Becalmed Off Halfway Rock
No Description Available.
Blue Fruit or Pomegranate (wallpaper design)
A variety of flowers against a blue background are surrounded by leaves and vines.
Buffalo Lancing in the Snow Drifts -- Sioux
A painting of hunters lancing buffalo in the snow.
Christian Roman Dress
The illustration depicts twelve people in Christian Roman dress. The caption beneath is in German and lists the people by role, such as gravedigger, soldier, women, children and men.
The Dance (for Opera Garnier)
Total from front center
Egyptian Accessories
Spread across the composition are many accoutrement of the Egyptian people. The legend underneath is written in German.
English Dress
The illustration contains many examples of English dress from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. The legend beneath is written in German.
The Family
A seated woman is nursing as a man looks on. The trio is in front of a window with the curtain pulled aside.
Fanny Holman Hunt
A woman in a paisley patterned shawl leans on a chair back and holds a blue handerchief and an open flowered bag. Behind the woman a mirror endlessly reflects the room and its chandelier. A lamp on the fireplace mantle is behind the woman's right shoulder.
Farmyard in Winter
The painting, mostly in browns, grays, and whites, depicts fowl in a barnyard setting. Snow is on the ground and on top of the small shelter for the fowl.
Female Roman Dress
Fifteen illustrations of women's Roman style dress are depicted in two rows. The caption is written in German.
Grey and Silver: Chelsea Wharf
No Description Available.
Heavy Surf at Etretat
det: men and women, heavy surf, cliffs, brushwork
Heavy Surf at Etretat
Painting depicting heavy surf at Etretat.
Home, Sweet Home
No Description Available.
El Jarabe en Ultatumba
No Description Available.
The Last Valley -- Paradise Rocks
No Description Available.
The Little Gardener
A painting of a man working in his garden.
Lumber Schooners at Evening on Penobscot Bay
A painting of two ships sailing at sunset.
Men of Progress: group portrait of the great American inventors of the Victorian Age
The horizontally arranged composition depicts nineteen American inventors of the nineteenth century.
Model: Longitudinal Section of the Opera (1:100 scale)
detail of auditorium
Model: Longitudinal Section of the Opera (1:100 scale)
Emperor's reception room, backstage mechanics
Model: Longitudinal Section of the Opera (1:100 scale)
detail of grand staircase
Model: Longitudinal Section of the Opera (1:100 scale)
auditorium, grand staircase, reception hall
Model: Longitudinal Section of the Opera (1:100 scale)
auditorium, grand staircase, reception hall
My Second Sermon
A young girl asleep in a church pew, wearing a red cape, hands in a fur muff, and feet dangling is depicted in this painting.
No Description Available.
The three-quarters female figure depicted holds a small box. The color of the artwork is predominately an orange-brown color. The name Pandora is written in the top left corner of the portrait.
The Promenaders, or Bazille and Camille
The painting is of a bearded gentleman wearing a hat and suit, looking at and standing next to and to the left of a woman who is wearing a long dress with a jacket and hat, looking away from the gentleman with her back to the viewer. They are standing in a shaded area of a garden.
Ramparts at Aigues-Mortes
A painting of the coastline and ramparts at Aigues-Mortes.
Richard, Brother of the Artist
The subject faces away from the picture plane yet captures a profile of the man's face. He wears a dark coat and is seated.
Royal Pavilion at Brighton
Raking view of the Entrance Fa├žade, from S
No Description Available.
The Sisters
No Description Available.
Trellis (wallpaper design)
Wallpaper consists of trellis patterns, pink flowers, leaves, and birds against a light blue background.
No Description Available.
The Virgin of the Host
A portrait of the Virgin Mary with the Eucharist and two angels.
Washerwomen at the Oise River near Valmondois
Forested area is depicted on the left side of the composition, water in the foreground, and low hills in the background. Washerwomen along the shore are extremely small in the immense landscape.