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Bust of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
No Description Available.
Card Game
The painting depicts five women and one man seated around a game. One woman's head is dropping, a chair is falling over and another woman is drinking. The tones are muted and the background is a simple architectural setting.
Colosseum, Rome
The painting depicts stone ruins in close detail.
Confiding First Secrets to Venus
Total from the front
Cora Livingston
No Description Available.
Couseuse, The First Sewing Machine
No Description Available.
Glass Armonica
The lid of the armonica is open and the glasses are visible. Large scroll feet on the front support the complex base.
Gran Teatro de la Habana
The south elevation of the theater is shown in this view. The corner sports a small elevated dome atop the tower.
Gran Teatro de la Habana
The view is at a raking angle which highlights the sculptural effects of the baroque decoration on the facade. In the distance the figure atop the dome is visible as well.
Gran Teatro de la Habana
The tower on the southeast corner of the theater is topped with a sculptural figure. Robust balustrades and other sculptural detail is visible in this view.
Hannah Fisher Stedman
No Description Available.
Interior of the Palm House
In bright greens and reds, large potted plants are seen inside a building or green house. The building appears luxurious in marble with balconies, railings, and columns.
Interior of the Palm House
The painting detail shows two women resting and a view of part of a column as well as some foliage. The oil paint technique has the appearance of being like watercolor in this loose and transparent style.
Italian Coast Scene with Ruined Tower
A painting of a shepherd and his sheep on the coast.
Keelmen Heaving in Coals by Moonlight
Oil painting of a waterway lined with large boats at night.
Leopard Devouring a Crocodile
Bronze sculpture of a leopard devouring a crocodile.
Lion Fighting a Serpent
Detail view of a sculpture of a lion fighting a snake.
Lion Fighting a Serpent
Bronze sculpture of a lion fighting a serpent.
Living Made Easy: Duelling Apparatus for Gentlemen of Weak Nerves
The focal point of the print shows a man inside an apparatus that assists the firing of his gun. Two men behind a tree pull on a string.
Mrs Paul Smith Palmer and Her Twins
Seated portrait of a woman and her infant twins.
North American Indians
Two men and a woman wearing traditional Native American clothing are depicted in this group portrait.
Peaceable Kingdom
Oil painting depicting a number of animals and small children under a tree. A group of Native Americans are visible in the background, trading with a group of Englishmen.
Portrait of Louis-François Bertin
Painting depicting a portrait of Louis-François Bertin.
Portrait of Madame Raoul-Rochette
Painting depicting a portrait of Madame Raoul-Rochette.
Portrait of Madame Raoul-Rochette
Praying Youth
This view shows the reproduction in the nineteenth century of an ancient Greek sculpture by Boidas of a male youth, arms raised, palms upward, to the sky.
The landscape painting, in loose pale blue, pink, and orange washes, depicts water and a mountain.
Schroon Mountains, Adirondacks
No Description Available.
A Set of Goldfish
The colorful woodcut print depicts goldfish fearing for their lives from the cat in the upper portion of the work.
Torquato Tasso
The portrait depicts a man with a laurel wreath, a cape, loosely pleated black jacket resting his hands on a large book. The man also has a beard and mustache. The background is a muted green.
Torquato Tasso
This detail of the painting includes a close view of the face of the man.
Upright Cabinet Piano
The piano sits upright and includes a fan pattern in the upper body and massive classical legs with scrolls.
A view of the Danube River is visible beneath the memorial temple on its massive foundation.
The exterior view of the facade is shown in a dramatic upward view and includes the massive stairs, columns and sculpted pediment.
This view shows the massive Doric columns and the expansive view into the countryside from inside the temple.
The interior of the memorial temple is shown with its many attendant sculptures, busts and portraits of notable Germans.
The memorial building is viewed in the great distance.
The Women of Algiers
two women at right center
The Women of Algiers
women at left, garment
The Women of Algiers
No Description Available.