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El Templete
The facade of the neoclassical shrine and its accompanying column are shown in this view. In the foreground are some contemporary celebrants and umbrellas.
El Templete
The view is of the side of El Templete and shows also some contemporary people in the foreground.
El Templete
The row of Doric style columns is shown in this view as well as the decorative lintel.
El Templete
The close view shows the column and the portico of the shrine building. In the foreground can be seen some vendors and visitors.
Very Unpleasant Weather, or the Old Saying Verified, Raining Cats, Dogs, and Pitchforks
A group of people braving the rain and wind are pummeled by cats, dogs, and pitchforks falling from the sky.
The Wreck of the Hope
Painting depicting the wreck of the Hope.