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Biel le Doyt

Description: Seated portrait of a young man.
Date: 1827
Creator: Field, Erastus Salisbury

Farmyard Fowls

Description: Oil painting depicting several hens.
Date: 1827~
Creator: Audubon, John James

Mortlake Terrace

Description: Oil painting of a park area lined in trees, looking out over a river. Buildings are visible along the banks of the river and several boats are on the water.
Date: 1827
Creator: Turner, Joseph Mallord William

Civita Castellana

Description: Hilly landscape with large clouds in the sky are depicted in this painting.
Date: 1826/1827
Creator: Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille

Sunrise in the Catskills

Description: Landscape oil painting depicting the sunrise behind a series of mountains.
Date: 1826
Creator: Cole, Thomas

Dell at Helmingham Park

Description: Heavily wooded scene with a small bridge over a creek or a ravine.
Date: 1825/1833
Creator: Constable, John

Portrait of Vladimir Samoylov as Hamlet

Description: The painting depicts a portrait of a young man dressed in armor and a shirt with puffy, red sleeves with white insets. His hands are on his hips and he wears a wide sash tied in a bow around his waist. His hair is parted and short and he sports a mustache.
Date: 1825/1852~
Creator: Bryullov, Karl

Massacre at Chios

Description: close-up detail of man and woman at left
Date: 1824
Creator: DELACROIX, Eugène

Massacre at Chios

Description: horse, rider, dead woman at right
Date: 1824
Creator: DELACROIX, Eugène

The Wreck of the Hope

Description: Painting depicting the wreck of the Hope.
Date: 1823
Creator: Caspar David Friedrich

Road to the Spaniards, Hampstead

Description: A dirt road travels into the distance from the foreground and the sky is full of large clouds. There are some very small figures in the distance as well as some buildings.
Date: 1822
Creator: Constable, John

Feathers and Pearls

Description: Portrait of a woman wearing a large feathered hat.
Date: [1820..1900]
Creator: Eastman, Emily