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Madonna and Child on a Curved Throne
Madonna and Christ child are seated on an architecturally constructed throne. Two angel roundels are in both upper corners of the panel.
Portrait of an Arhat
No Description Available.
Manjushri, Bodhisattva of Wisdom
A standing figure with one knee flexed, one arm down and one arm half raised wears an elaborate headdress and decorative jewels.
Oliphant of St. Hubert
This is a decorative oliphant made with Ivory, Bone and Shells. The curvilinear design of the oliphant is wide from one point and narrow from the other. There are two black straps on the piece. There are many carved engravings done in repeated pattern. There are horizontal lines running along the silhouette of the carved piece. There is a chain passing through the black straps to hold the piece.