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Abe Lincoln the Great Emancipator
Painting of five male subjects in warm and cool hues of burnt-orange, dark blue, gray and black. Abraham Lincoln is depicted wearing his signature black top hat and black knee-length overcoat. The subject to the left of Abraham Lincoln appears to be in decorated military attire. The two subjects on the far right are also in military attire.
Black Fish
A still life of two fish and other foods on a table.
No Description Available.
First Theme,
No Description Available.
Head of the Monserrat II
No Description Available.
Horse and Rider
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Musical Squash
The painting is an abstract of a cut open acorn squash in hues of green and gold against a brown background with a black, musical staff and two clef symbols in the upper right of the canvas. The lower right has abstract shapes in red, green, blue, and brown.
Sand Mines of Tetelpa
No Description Available.
Tempo in Red Major
No Description Available.