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Description: This view from the top of the sculpture shows the face and the figure's left hand frontally and shows the figure in extreme perspective.
Date: 1938/1962
Creator: Maillol, Aristide

Grey Sea

Description: The painting depicts a seascape in hues of gray, white, gold and green.
Date: 1938
Creator: Marin, John, 1870-1953
Item Type: Artwork

Mother and Child

Description: Painting of blue, green, peach and black oil paint which depicts a female figure who appears to be holding a small child above her.
Date: 1938~
Creator: Rattner, Abraham
Item Type: Artwork

Still Life

Description: The painting is a still life of various bottles, vases, and containers in hues of blue, red, and brown with white.
Date: 1938
Creator: Morandi, Giorgio
Item Type: Artwork