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The Blind Swimmer
No Description Available.
The painting depicts an abstracted and geometric bullfight scene centered in the composition.
Chauffer's Uniform Greatcoat
Man's chauffeur's uniform greatcoat of black wool with black astrakhan (3 day old lamb) fur collar. The full-length overcoat is double-breasted, with long sleeves and a flap pocket at each hip. Torso lined in heavy brown muton. Maker's label inside pocket, part printed, part filled in by hand: "Lexington / National Tailoring Co., Inc / Better quality uniforms / 851 Lexington Ave., N.Y. / Name: John Forsythe / Date: 10/31/34 No.: 9622" NRA "Blue Eagle" label inside pocket Stamped on inner side of lining: "Taskinlamb"
Circus Horse
A white horse's head is in the foreground of the picture. More horses in stalls can be seen in the background. The brushwork is loose.
Death Seizing a Woman
No Description Available.
Dining Room on the Garden
A painting of a woman in a dining room with a window overlooking a garden.
Flute Player
Painting of a male figure playing a flute who is dressed in peach, pale-green and purple traditional middle-eastern garb against a brown, gold and blue background.
Greenwich Village Cafeteria
No Description Available.
Turban-style hat created of henna colored wound silk rope stitched to form the hat. Net backing/lining. At front of hat is a oval spiral of same material, from which extends a spray of cinnamon colored feathers. Label sewn inside: "John Frederics Inc / New York"
Casual hat in baseball cap style of blue wool felt. Matching grosgrain bow and ribbon on bill as trim. Crown formed from four panels. Retailer's label stamped on inside headband: "Neiman Marcus Co. / Dallas"
Hat of chocolate colored mink fur. Somewhat in a pillbox shape, but much larger, the slightly domed crown fully covers the head. Brown corduroy lining trimmed with grosgrain ribbon. Labels: Designer's label: "Mr. D" United Hatters, Cap and Millinery Workers International Union label.
A trio of hogs at a trough with a farmer looking on is in the foreground of the painting while in the background is a farm house and a windmill.
KSC Greenhouse
The painting depicts the interior of a greenhouse. The perspective in raking along a bench set with potted plants.
Portrait of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870-1924)
The frontal portrait of a seated man with a hand raised to his chin with his right arm resting on a table is the subject of this painting. Maps can be seen on the wall behind and books rest on the table.
Ten Plastic Concepts on a Love Scene
The painting consists of shapes floating together and overlapping in places. Two large yellow shapes in the upper portion of the canvas appear as sun type images. A brown shape resembles two seated figures and floats in the upper portion of the painting. A brown meandering shape moves across the lower section of the painting. Surrounding the brown meandering shape is blue which might represent water.