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Bac de Roda/Felip II Bridge
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Bac de Roda/Felip II Bridge
View of the Bac de Roda bridge in Barcelona, Spain.
Bac de Roda/Felip II Bridge
View of a portion of the walkway on the Bac de Roda Bridge in Barcelona, Spain.
Pair of pumps of plastic and leather. The pumps are of a plastic printed with a multi-colored hologram surface of stripes with stars, stripes and dots. 3" spike heels covered with blue leather. White leather inner. Sole of brown and black leather. Label inside each shoe: "Stuart Weitzman / for / Mr. Seymour". Stamped inside each shoe: "5W 79087 N 7 1/2" Stamped on sole: "Leather / Sole" in hide outline; Stuart Weitzman & Co / Made in Spain"