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[Arno River]
Photograph of the Arno River in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, a few boats on the river and part of the adjacent street with a light pole are visible. A bridge and buildings along the river are visible in the background.
[Baptistry Doors]
Photograph of the Baptistry of St. John Doors (Gates of Paradise) in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, pigeons are scattered across the Piazza del Duomo in front of the Baptistry of St. John. A group of people stand in front of the gilded bronze doors. The doors are visible as well as the three statues above the doors depicting the Baptism of Christ. The doors were created by Lorenzo Ghiberti.
Beachwear Ensemble - Bikini and Coverup
Beach ensemble consisting of bikini and coverup. The bikini top and bottom are of jersey printed with a modern art design of greens, pink and red stripes. Top has ties that go up and behind neck, and bands that reach around to back and secure with metal clasp. At front, between the cups along top edge is a non-functional tie made of piping made from the jersey material. Bikini bottom is low-cut. The coverup is of light chiffon, possibly silk, with swirling stripes in the same pattern as bikini. It is sleeveless, has a boat neckline, and rounded hemline. The pieces of the ensemble have various tags: In bikini top: "12" In bikini bottom: "Emilio Schuberth / Roma / Fabricato in Italia"; Made in Italy / Exclusively for / Neiman-Marcus"; "Made in Italy"; "12"; Helanca / Filanca / Marche Int. Dep." Stamped near hem of coverup: "Enzo Mari Per / Fio / Rio"; Sewn in tags: "Fio / Rio"; "Emilio Schuberth / Roma / Fabricato in Italia". Pattern designed by Enzo Mari (b. Novara, Italy, 1932). From the original Carrie Marcus Neiman Foundation collection assembled by Stanley and Edward Marcus.
[Colosseum Interior]
Photograph of the interior of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. All levels of the structure are visible in the foreground. Archways and seating are visible in ascending levels.
[Column Capital]
Photograph of a column capital in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The detailed stone carvings of the capital fill the frame. Within the carvings, two male figures are visible next to a building.
Photograph of a street in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, a man walks across a crosswalk. Other figures are visible on the street. Buildings and cars line the street which narrows into the background.
[Doge's Palace]
Photograph of the Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy. The palace facade is visible in the right foreground. A group of people walks in the piazza in the left foreground. The top of St. Mark's Basilica is visible in the background.
a) Dress of silk knit with orange, pink, lime, purple, white and black motif. Signature of designer "Emilio" in fabric pattern. Round, bateau neckline; elbow length sleeves. Below knee length. Designer's label on inside back neckline: "Emilio Pucci / Florence - Italy / 100% Pure Silk / Made in Italy" Retailer's label below designer's label: "Made in Italy Exclusively For / Saks Fifth Avenue" Cleaning instructions and size tag at base of retailer's label. b) Tie belt of same fabric. Fringe of clear blue beads on ends.
Dress of cashmere knit with motif in black, gray and pinks. Designer's signature of "Emilio" in the fabric print. Long sleeves; round, bateau neckline. Knee length. Center back zipper. Designer's label at inside right back: "Emilio Pucci / Florence - Italy / Made in Italy" Retailer's label on inside left back: "Neiman-Marcus / Trophy Room"
Dress of silk knit in pink, coral, beige, and white abstract "Pucci style" swirl pattern. Knee-length, with stand up collar and short sleeves. Matching 1-3/4" band at collar, cuffs and inset waistband. Darts in front, and center back zipper closure with hook & eye. Fully lined in pink silk jacquard with the designer's name. Designer's label at right of zipper: "Bessi / Firenze Italia" Fabric has "Bessi" signature in fabric design. Retailer's label at left of zipper: "Expressly / for / Lou Lattimore / Made in / Italy" Fabric/Care label below designer's label: "To be dry cleaned / 100% pure silk / Made in Italy" Size tag below fabric/care label: "12".
Dress of silk knit in purple, blue, turquoise, grey and white geometric pattern with organic shapes. Designer's signature of "Emilio" in pattern of fabric. Above knee fitted skirt. Inverted empire waist in a V shape. Long sleeves and V-neck. Center back zipper closure. Designer's label on inside back shoulder: "Emilio Pucci / Florence - Italy / 100% Pure Silk / Made in Italy" Cleaning instructions and size tag attached to bottom of designer's label.
[Empty Street]
Photograph of an empty street in Florence, Italy. A motor bike and a parking sign are visible in the foreground. Behind the motor bike, a narrow street stretches into the background with a line of cars parked on the right side.
Evening Dress
Evening dress of silk printed with Pucci-style abstract design in pink, purple, blue, yellow, grey, and off-white abstract design. Full length, with slightly flared, 3/4 length sleeves. Dropped waist. Diagonal seams from mid-waist to V-neck front. Center back zipper closure with hook & eye. Fully lined in yellow silk with jacquard maker's logo throughout. Designer's label inside back near neckline: "Bessi / Firenze Italia" Fabric has "Bessi" signature in fabric design. Care tag 1 inch below maker's tag: "To be dry cleaned only / Lavare a Secco" "Made in Italy Pure Silk" sewn in just below care tag.
Evening Pumps
Pair of reddish-pink or coral silk satin evening pumps. Square toe shoes which have a large open area on the vamp which is backed by clear plastic and edged by braid. The plastic is overlaid with a metal net or chain mail with rhinestones at the intersections. 2 1/4" square heel covered with same material. Lined in off-white/gray leather. Stamped inside each shoe: "Made in Italy / Espressly / For / Lou Lattimore" (Espressly rather than Expressly); and "Creation Mancini / Paris / Waltea made in Italy" Stamped on sole of each shoe: "8"
Women's flat shoes with brown leather sole, patent leather cream insole with designer's marks. Cotton blended fabric covers the whole foot up to the cinched ankle where there are two small straps of the same fabric to tie behind heel with a vertical seam down center and a slightly pointed toe. The fabric has a printed pattern of colored squares in aqua, blue, purple and periwinkle, with scattered printed signatures by the designer, "Emilio". Designer's marks on each sole: "Creation / Albion / Florence / Made Expressly / For E. Pucci"
Handbag of woven red, green, yellow, blue, brown, and peach dyed straw twine creating a striped pattern, with tan leather trim and at bottom corners. Leather round double handle; Semicircular zipper closure. Interior lined in yellow canvas. Manufacturer's stamp on inside at zipper: "Jana / Made in Italy"
Hat of multicolor printed velvet. Geometric print with central section of circles and semi-circles. Circular crown with slightly domed top. Covering fabric has extending flaps at sides which come down over ears and secure under chin creating a wimple effect. Flaps secure with two snaps. Part of uniform for Braniff International Airways flight attendant's. No labels in hat. Designer's signature in print, under flap, "Emilio".
Hat of printed polyester/synthetic fabric. Cylindrical crown with slight domed top, and short, sloping brim, both covered with same fabric printed with "windows" design, some with central images of drums, harps, guitars, roundels, etc. Two bands of same fabric are sewn under brim to extend down and back to connect at back of wearer's head to secure hat. Inner green grosgrain ribbon hatband. Hat lined in dark olive green fabric. Part of uniform for Braniff International Airways flight attendants. Label inside at hatband: "Adolfo II / New York Paris". Designer's signature in print: "Emilio"
Hat of green and white felted fur. The hat has a domed, circular crown and an asymmetrical up-turning brim. The crown and inner part of the brim are dyed in a green and white "op-art" pattern of geometric shapes which can be viewed as small green shapes on larger white shapes on a green ground. The outer part of the brim is dyed solid green. At one side is an arrow-shaped ornament of green grosgrain ribbon, the tail of which extends out over the brim and curls upwards. Inside the crown is a hatband of green grosgrain ribbon. Sewn to the hatband ribbon is a large designer's tag: "Schiaparelli / Paris". Stamped inside the crown "Body / Made In Italy"
Boater style hat of dark charcoal wide straw. High, flat crown with wide, slightly upturned brim. Hatband of black, sheer material forming bow on side. Inner headband of black grosgrain ribbon. 2 pins. Inside paper crown lining stamped with nude woman riding a stag leaping over a scroll work tree; stamped "Made in Italy".
Hat of tan/light brown fur felt. Styled somewhat as a toque, the high, domed crown is plain, but brushed to a sleek finish. The hat is unlined, with a pink grosgrain ribbon inner hatband. Designer's label: "Frank Olive / New York" Stamped inside crown: "Helios / HB / Body Made in Italy"
Hat of light beige fur felt. Domed crown with wide, folded brim. Two bows of self under the back rim. Headband of light gray grosgrain ribbon. Unlined. Designer's label at inside headband: "Miss Dior / Created by / Christian Dior" Stamp on inside crown: "Helios / Body Made in Italy"
Hat of open-weave white raffia. The hat is designed with a high domed crown, which is encircled at base by a band of same material set with 5 diamond-shaped gold-colored metal buckles. The wide, floppy brim extends downwards, and is "waved". Hat is unlined. Label inside hat: "Made in Italy"
Hat of dark gray felt covered with black velvet. The cylindrical crown has a flattened top, and is encircled near top of crown by a turquoise grosgrain ribbon which crosses at back, with trailing ribbons. At front right of ribbon is applied rhinestone set triangular brooch with band of same ribbon. The narrow brim curls up at outer edge. The whole is overlaid with black plastic net. Hat is unlined, with inner black grosgrain ribbon hatband. Designer's label inside: "Mr. Rickie / Original" Stamped inside crown: "'Jewel' / Body made in Italy"
Hatlet of dome of heavy black net with black velour bow on top. Figure-eight loops of black velour beneath bow and under netting form headband and provide support.
[Marble Bust]
Photograph of a marble bust inset into a brick wall in Rome, Italy. A few cars are visible in front of the wall. A tree is visible on the left side of the bust.
[Marcus Aurelius Statue]
Photograph of the Marcus Aurelius Statue in Rome, Italy. The statue sits atop a marble pedestal in the middle of a black and white tiled street. Two cars are visible in foreground in front of the statue. Behind the statue, a building topped with figurative statues is visible.
[Marcus Aurelius Statue]
Photograph of the Marcus Aurelius Equestrian Statue in the Piazza del Campidoglio in Rome, Italy. The statue is seen through a window from a building on the Capitoline Hill.
[Marforio Statue]
Photograph of the Marforio Statue in Rome, Italy. The statue is located in the Palazzo dei Conservatori, which is part of the Capitoline Museum. The statue sits in the foreground, half covered in shadow.
Photograph of a mosaic in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. A marble archway fills the frame. The mosaic is inset within the top of the archway.
[Mosaic Detail]
Photograph of a mosaic above a doorway in St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The mosaic shape mimics the arch of the doorway. The subject matter is religious with Jesus holding the cross in the center.
[National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II]
Photograph of the National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II taken from the Piazza Venezia in Rome, Italy. In the foreground, cars and people in the piazza are visible. Behind the cars, the front facade of the monument is visible.
[Palazzo Ducale di Venezia]
Photograph of the Doge's Palace in Venice, Italy as seen from the Lagoon of Venice. The lagoon is visible in front of two buildings. The building on the right is the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale).
[Pantheon Doors]
Photograph of the doors to the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. A small group of women is visible in the foreground on the right side of the doors. The left door is partially open revealing a small glimpse at the interior and a few figures in the background.
[Piazza di Trevi]
Photograph of the Piazza di Trevi in Rome, Italy. The piazza is visible in the foreground filled with people and cars. The fountain fills the background surrounded by buildings.
[Piazza San Pietro]
Photograph of the Piazza San Pietro in Rome, Italy. A man faces the camera in the foreground in front of three white cars. The piazza is visible in the background behind the cars.
Photograph of the Piazzetta in Venice, Italy. The piazza is filled with people and pigeons throughout. In the background, two statues are visible by the waterfront.
Photograph of a flock of pigeons in Venice, Italy. Numerous people are visible in the foreground. A large flock of pigeons is visible in the center of the image between crowds of people. A line of buildings is visible in the background behind the crowd.
Platform Heels
Platform heel in red and white floral print on black ground. Shoes designed as open-toed pumps set on high platform at front, with wide band across vamp, open sides, and sling back which springs from a wide "Y" shaped strap. High, chunky heels taper slightly to base. Shoes covered with all-over print of large stylized flowers of red and white on a black ground. Designer's label inside: "Andrea Pfister / Paris" Marked on sole: "a / Made in Italy" and "35 1/2"
Platform Sling-Back Sandals
Pair of platform sling-back sandals of gold metallic leather. Set on a thick platform, the uppers are formed of 6 bands crossing the instep, with a seventh band extending across the bands at center point. A thicker strap begins at mid-arch of foot, and extends back behind heel, securing with a small buckle. The chunky heel is covered in the same leather as the upper and platform. Designer's label: "Creazioni / de / Antonio / Marsini / Milano / Italia" Written inside: "75M 4810 3J / 02-860"
Pair of grey crocodile skin pumps with rectangular pewter buckles across instep. Maker's stamp: "Merli / Bologna" Retailer's stamp: "Made in Italy for / Neiman-Marcus" Also stamped: "Hand Sewn" and "Made in Italy" Handwritten inside: "46133-IMI / m 7 B" and "N. Park 18" On sole of each: "7 / B" and "All Leather Shoe"
Photograph of a roadway in Rome, Italy. A line of four white cars and one blue are visible in the foreground waiting behind a red stop light. Behind the roadway, a barren landscape with a few buildings is visible. In the far right background a city is visible.
[Roman Forum]
Photograph of the Roman Forum in Rome, Italy. In the foreground, a brick archway and the tops of two trees are visible. The remains of the forum fill the rest of the frame. Part of the Colosseum is visible in the far background.
[Romulus and Remus Statue]
Photograph of a Romulus and Remus Statue in Rome, Italy. In the foreground, the sculpture sits atop a column next to a building. Behind the sculpture, cars are parked outside of unknown buildings.
[Senate House]
Photograph of the Senate House on the Capitoline Hill in Rome, Italy. In the foreground, three cars are parked on the piazza in front of the building. Half of the Senate House is visible including the clock tower.
Pair of sling-back shoes of hot pink brocade. The s hoes are designed with gently pointed toe. The toebox is of a single piece of brocade, cut in a slight wave from toe to instep, and sewn to create "petal" effect. Sling-back strap of same fabric, fastening at back of heel. Heel modified Louis style, tapering to base. Designer's label stamped inside: "Salvatore Ferragamo / Florence / Italy" Stamped on sole: "Hand made in Italy" Handwritten inside: "DM 845 / 788 4 1/2B"
[Side View of Palazzo Vecchio]
Photograph of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, multiple parked cars flanked by buildings on either side are visible. The photograph was taken on a shaded street ending in the Piazza della Signoria with a side view of the Palazzo Vecchio in the background.
[Side View of Trevi Fountain]
Photograph of the Trevi Fountain as seen from the left side. The silhouette of a man is visible the foreground in front of the fountain. In the background, a building is visible with a glove shop.
[St. Mark's Basilica and Campanile]
Photograph of the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. Numerous people and pigeons cross the piazza in the foreground. St. Mark's Basilica and the bottom portion of the campanile are visible in the background.
[Statue of Dante Alighieri]
Photograph of the Dante Alighieri Sculpture in the Piazza di Santa Croce in Florence, Italy. In the foreground, a horse-drawn carriage, cars, and two men are visible. The back of the statue is visible in the middle ground. Surrounding buildings and a Taxi sign are visible in the background.