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Badami: Cave 4

Description: This close detail view shows two pillars and the carved figural element depicting Bahubali.
Date: 0543/0757
Location Info:

Badami Caves and Surroundings

Description: Outer view of Hindu cave temple. The raised layered platform leads to the temple entrance with its four pillars. Some tourists are visible in this scene.
Date: 0543/0757
Location Info:

Churchgate Terminus

Description: The facade of the railway station building is mostly visible behind a few trees. The building's style is a compilation of styles from Britain and India.
Date: 1894/1896
Creator: Stevens, Frederick
Location Info:

Durga Temple

Description: This detail view shows several pillars of the east and south sides of the temple.
Date: 0696/0733
Location Info:

Five Pandava Temples

Description: The view includes the south side of Dharmaraja Ratha which includes some relief carvings and a figurative deep relief carving.
Date: 0650/0700~

Great Stupa

Description: This view shows a close detail of the gate of the Great Stupa. This north gateway's central section and bottom architrave is seen from the inside. The carving depicts a scene with many figures, animals and other items.
Date: -0272~/-0150~

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple

Description: This detail view of this Shiva temple includes ascending clusters of towers. The surfaces are covered with intricate patterns carved into the sandstone with each tower topped with a finial.
Date: 1025~

Lakshmana Temple Complex

Description: This detail view shows a sculpture in the form of a lion with a man much smaller in proportion on the grounds of the Lakshmana Temple dedicated to lord Vishnu. Some portion of the facade of the temple is visible as well as another temple in the upper right corner of this view.
Date: 0925~/0954~

Lakshmana Temple Complex

Description: This view shows the south side of the temple and its carved figures including celestial beauties applying vermilion to the part in the hair. Vishnu, singing nymphs and an erotic couple are portrayed.
Date: 0925/0954

Lakshmana Temple Complex

Description: This view shows a very close detail of the northeastern subsidiary shrine. Brahma can be seen at the left of this view and Vishnu at the right.
Date: 0925/0954