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Ajanta Cave 2
This view shows the carved figurative decoration on the lintel frieze of figures both seated and standing.
Ajanta, Cave 17 Painted Wall
An elephant charges then kneels at feet of a Buddha figure as people watch.
Ajanta, Cave 17 Painted Wall
An elephant dominates the scene with some figures in the foreground and background. Some foliage and rocky formations are also part of this painted imagery on the wall of the cave.
Ajanta, Cave 17 Painted Wall
The scene painted on the wall of the cave consists of many male and female figures. In the foreground, a couple are engaged in an enclosed shrine.
St. Francis Xavier Adoring the Cross, Basilica of Bom Jesus
This carved sculpture depicts St. Francis Xavier as he adores the cross in his raised right hand. The sculpture is painted in several colors with richly carved details.