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[White Gates]

Description: Photograph of the Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China. Multiple white stone gates fill the foreground and middle ground. Plants and people are dispersed between the gates on the stone ground.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gough, Ray

[White Horse Temple]

Description: Photograph of the White Horse Temple in Luoyang, China. A courtyard with raised brick walkway is visible in the foreground. Trees are planted in the areas between the walkway. A red building is visible on the opposite side.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gough, Ray

[Yangshuo Market]

Description: Photograph of a market in Yangshuo located in Guilin, China. White cloth umbrellas are visible in the foreground. The umbrellas are arranged by a stone wall covering baskets of fruits and vegetables. Trees and a white building are visible in the background behind the wall.
Date: unknown
Creator: Gough, Ray

Chinese Ensemble - Jacket and Pants

Description: Chinese ensemble of blue silk with multi-colored embroidery.consisting of: A) Jacket/Bodice. Knee-length, A-line, standing collar, long sleeves with white cuffs embroidered with scenes of Chinese people in various situations. Center front opening with black frogs fastened with spherical gold buttons. Wide band at collar and part of front opening, and hem with embroidery of figures on brown ground. Field of jacket with large multi-colored embroidered flowers and butterflies. B) Pants. Matching. Drawstring waist. Full-length, with matching embroidery, but only on lower legs. Cuffs with wide band of white embroidered with foliage and moths.
Date: 1913/1929


Description: Chinese jacket of red damask silk with multicolored embroidery. Almost knee-length, with long sleeves. Floral damask pattern, embroidery of flowers, moths(?), foliage, and other symbols. Angled center front opening bordered with blue, fastened with carved/chased gold sphere buttons and loops. Around opening, hem, collar, and cuffs is embroidered band in blues and white scrolls, with outer border of gold and black. Lined in pink silk. No labels.
Date: 1913/1929~

Lotus shoes

Description: Pair of lotus shoes for bound feet. Tiny heeled shoes of dark navy silk, the uppers with multicolored floral embroidery at top and sides, and cloud-form patterns of couched gold thread around heels. Edged at top with blue silk ribbon. The shaped heels are of white leather.
Date: 1890/1920

Yu Garden (Yuyuan): Garden View

Description: Characteristic elements in Chinese gardens: water, trees, rocks & buildings, and changes in elevation are visible in this view. Rock formations in the background with a pagoda structure.
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Date: 1559/1577
Location Info: