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[Dragon Wall]
Photograph of the Yu Garden in Shanghai, China. In the foreground, a large decorative rock sits in front of a white wall. The wall is topped with decorative carvings depicting a large dragon head. In the background, a roofline and trees are visible.
[Folded Brocade Hill]
Photograph of the Folded Brocade Hill (Diecai Shan) in Guilin, China. In the foreground, a wall is visible with a tree growing out of the left side. A stone tablet stands in front of the wall. Behind the wall, four figures are visible.
[Forbidden City Gate]
Photograph of a gate in the Forbidden City of Beijing, China. The gate doors remain closed. Intricate carvings surround the gate. A sign is posted above the doors.
[Great Wall Detail]
Photograph of the Great Wall of China in Beijing, China. A detail of the wall is visible in the foreground. The stone bricks are carved with graffiti. The green landscape is visible through the openings in the wall.
[Lama Temple]
Photograph of a man exiting a building in the Lama Temple of Beijing, China. Another man in similar dress is seen within the doorway. The two men wear long black dresses with red sashes.
[Rock Garden]
Photograph of a rock garden within the Yu Gardens in Shanghai, China. Large decorative rocks are visible in the foreground. In the background, a pointed roof is visible above the trees.
[Summer Palace]
Photograph of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China. Two men walk along a fence-lined pathway in the foreground. White flowers are visible on both sides of the pathway. Part of a building is visible behind the walkway.
[Summer Palace]
Photograph of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China. In the foreground an ornately decorated pavilion is visible. Multiple people are visible inside and outside the pavilion. Trees are visible in the background.