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Balch House, Oak Park, Illinois, United States
The interior of the house features heavy use of wood and brick.
Balch House, Oak Park, Illinois, United States
The facade of the house is horizontal in orientation and the surface treatment appears to be a beige stucco with heavy wood trim.
Caixa Forum Barcelona
Caixa Forum is the former Casarramona textile factory. The canopy sheltering the main entrance was designed by Arata Isozaki.
Desk Lamp
The view of the lamp is from above and the design embossed into the shade is visible.
No Description Available.
King of Atlantis
The sculpture depicts two cattle or bison type animals with a seated human figure between them. The figure appears to be seated in front of and wearing a pyramidal shaped head piece.
The detail view of the outdoor sculpture shows the woman and child up close. The younger figure appears to be holding an apple or some sort of fruit. Both figures eyes appear to be closed. The younger male figure is nude and rests his head on his right shoulder.
The rear view of the bronze sculpture depicts the back side of a seated person with outstretched arms holding a draped fabric or piece of clothing. The woman's hair is braided and wrapped around her head.
The detail view of the sculpture shows the figures' faces and torsos.
The garden sculpture depicts a seated woman and a young child on her lap. The woman's arms are outstretched and appear to hold a garment or protective robe.
The vase is blue with the shoulder area decorated with yellow flowers and loosely drawn vertical stripes.