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Abraham Lincoln Center
The building is clad in red brick, flat topped and unadorned.
The Black Friar Public House
The exterior view shows the building's setting in London.
Bull Temple
This close detail view shows the figure of a nude goddess.
Champagne Glass
The champagne glass is in the iridescent Favrile decorative technique developed by Tiffany.
The drum is held aloft by two sculpted figures.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The view of the exterior detail of a steel structural hinge is visible from the sidewalk.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The detail view shows the southeast corner with rounded stone edges and legs of the steel hinged arch.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The exterior view shows a portion of the main entrance and a raking view of the long side exterior wall. The view is from the southeast and shows the steel hinged arches showing through the surface.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The view is a close detail of the surface treatment of the stonework.
A. E. G. Turbine Factory
The view is from the sidewalk and shows clearly the steel arched frame pieces.
The top of the eight-stringed mandolin's teardrop-shaped body is honey color. The bowl of the body, the top of the body, the fingerboard and the peghead are highly decorated with figures and patterns in black and white inlay.
The back of the body's bowl is highly decorated with inlay in geometric patterns as well as a nude female figure and foliage.
Metepec Tree of Life
The decorative object holds seven candles and is covered with many figures, leaves, flowers and animals in various colors on a red ground.
Mural from the Fouquet Jewellers in Paris
The interior of the jewelry store consisted of decorative wood and bronze details including a large peacock that hung over the main jewelry cabinet.
The musical instrument has a dark shiny glaze with a cartouche of flowers and gold flower and foliage embellishment around the curved edges.
The instrument appears squat as the neck and body run together. There are many strings and pegs on both the side and the front of the instrument.
Taj Mahal Hotel
The facade of the large hotel is visible with its arched portals, onion cupolas and domes. The hotel sits next to the Arabian Sea.
Taj Mahal Hotel
The corner with an onion dome is visible along with sweeping view of portion of the side facades.
Taj Mahal Hotel
The central section of the facade is visible in an upward sweeping view.
The vase is covered in a yellow mottled with green matte glaze. The form is decorated with vertical sweeping lines meeting at the top opening.
The vase is molded and glazed in green and brown. The shape's surface undulates resembling something organic.
The vase's body is blue with a blue stripe around the base. Marking the shoulder area are a blue and a green stripe above which are grapes and leaves.
[Vase with Iris Decoration]
The green and yellow vase is composed of vertical undulating grooves terminating in flower shapes around the shoulder and opening with the petals forming the opening.
[Vase with Raised Floral Forms]
The light blue matte-glazed vase is decorated with raised floral form.