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Approach to Venice

Description: Oil painting of boats on a river with Venice in the background.
Date: 1844
Creator: Turner, Joseph Mallord William

The Bather

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1846-1848
Creator: Millet, Jean-François

Black-Footed Ferret

Description: A painting of a ferret and a nest of eggs.
Date: 1840/1846
Creator: Audubon, John Woodhouse


Description: A roundel in the center features a woman in a highly patterned kimono holding two pieces of a vegetable. A lotus blossom is featured on the roundel. In the uppermost portion of the piece is a rectangular inset with Japanese text and double row of cloud formations. A large leaf extends below and from underneath the roundel on the lower right side. A narrow band on the right side of the artwork graduates from yellow to blue and also includes Japanese text.
Date: 1843~
Creator: Utagawa Kuniyoshi

Henry L. Wells

Description: Portrait of a young boy and a dog.
Date: 1845
Creator: Waters, Susan Catherine

Indian Pass

Description: A landscape painting with a Native American.
Date: 1847
Creator: Cole, Thomas


Description: Lace worked in foliage patterns is depicted in this photographic image.
Date: 1842/1850
Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox

Pencil of Nature

Description: The cover of the book is decorated with a cartouche in black and red in a mixture of styles, Medieval, Celtic and Victorian.
Date: 1844
Creator: Talbot, William Henry Fox

Tokiwa Gozen

Description: Japanese text in the uppermost portion of the print while below, inside a circle, a woman is surrounded by several red flowers.
Date: 1843~
Creator: Utagawa Kuniyoshi