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The Exhibition Stare Case

Description: People in various states of dress tumble down a long staircase.
Date: 1800~
Creator: Rowlandson, Thomas

Female nude

Description: Portrait of a female nude with a head scarf.
Date: 1807
Creator: Ingres, Jean-Auguste-Dominique

Lady in a White Mob Cap

Description: Profile-view portrait of a woman wearing a white cap.
Date: ca. 1805
Creator: Greenleaf, Benjamin

Monk by the Sea

Description: monk by the sea
Date: 1809
Creator: FRIEDRICH, Caspar David

Monk by the Sea

Description: Painting depicting a monk by the sea.
Date: 1809
Creator: Caspar David Friedrich

Mr. Baylor

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1805~
Creator: Johnson, Joshua

Plucking the Pigeon

Description: The painting depicts a woman plucking the feathers from a small bird. On the table in front of her are other animals, a rabbit, more fowl, and a turkey. On the wall next to the woman are butchered meats and sausages alongside some metal chargers. Some celery and greens as well as a tall teapot sit among the dead animals on the table.
Date: 1800/1899~
Creator: Reding, Leon

Rubens Peale with a Geranium

Description: Portrait of Rubens Peale posing with a geranium plant in a pot. Peale is wearing a white shirt and brown coat and has his right hand on the geranium's pot, on the table to his left.
Date: 1801
Creator: Peale, Rembrandt

Samuel Griffin

Description: Portrait of a man seated at a table.
Date: 1809~
Creator: Dunlap, William

The Westwood Children

Description: Portrait of three boys wearing green suits, standing together. The boy on the far left is holding a branch of berries or flowers, the boy in the middle is holding a rose, and the tallest boy, on the right, is holding a basket of flowers. A small black dog is on the right, holding a bird in its mouth.
Date: 1807~
Creator: Johnson, Joshua