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34 With Scars

Description: The artwork consists of a piece of white fabric with dark stitching around the edges and some stitching in the center and the number 34.
Date: 1991
Creator: Leonilson Bezerra Dias, José


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1990
Creator: Kawara, On

Atlantic City

Description: A boardwalk with a ferris wheel and other rides juts from the right side of the canvas, a small boat grounded on the shore, a young woman building a sand castle, and scattered children play and wade at the water's edge are depicted in this oil painting.
Date: 1998
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Bobby Short

Description: Bobby Short and two other musicians play to a small audience. A mural behind the musicians is reminiscent of Picasso.
Date: 1996
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

Canoptic Legerdemain

Description: Mixed media sculpture of layered irregular colored resin, aluminum mesh and stainless steel. A human figure is depicted on the far left side of the piece.
Date: 1990~
Creator: Graves, Nancy


Description: Brown ink rendering of various human faces in varied positions on twenty-four different off-white sheets of paper.
Date: 1994~
Creator: Dumas, Marlene

Crown of Thorns

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1991
Creator: Torres, Rubén Ortiz

Davey Moore

Description: The boxer is seated with both hands opened to the viewer.
Date: 1993
Creator: Flack, Audrey

Doctor Giving a Massage to a Patient with AIDS, from the portfolio ''New Provincetown Print Project''

Description: Artwork depicting a man in a a white doctor's coat massaging the back of a seated shirtless man who is covered in red spots. In the background, sunlight is streaming in through a window. Text at the top of the print says "Doctor giving massage to patient with AIDS." Text underneath the print says "Kaposi's Sarcoma. 'He positioned himself to me, like he wanted to be touched.'"
Date: 1993
Creator: Coe, Sue


Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1991
Creator: Scanga, Italo

A Frontal Passage

Description: The space is filled with a red light creating an environment.
Date: 1994
Creator: Turrell, James

[Graffiti, Venice Beach, California]

Description: The side of a building is painted with graffiti. The colors are predominately blues and there is some English text.
Date: 1994
Creator: Baby Andrew

Horno de Carbón

Description: Drawing on of brown brick-like container or oven with lid and curved handle.
Date: 1998~
Creator: Los Carpinteros

Ken Versus the Balloon

Description: This watercolor painting on paper depicts a young man attempting to pop balloons at an arcade in order to win a stuffed bear.
Date: 1990
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-

The Last Automat II

Description: A coffee vending machine is depicted along with many cups.
Date: 1993
Creator: Ferguson, Max, 1959-