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After the Hunt
A still life painting of hunting items and game animals.
Almshouse Man in a Top Hat
This graphite drawing depicts the profile of a man wearing a hat and coat.
Analysis of the Flight of a Pigeon by the Chronophotographic Method
Photographic analysis of the flight of a pigeon.
The Artist's Sisters
No Description Available.
The Artist's Sisters
Autumn in Bruges
A body of water is crossed with a bridge and buildings in the background are reflected in the water. Small brushstrokes of many colors are juxtaposed in an impressionistic manner.
Balzac and Friends at the Ville d'Avray in 1840
A group of standing men, all wearing gray frock coats, are the predominate feature of the painting. An older woman and a child are to the right and in the background are three more figures.
The Basket Chair
No Description Available.
The Battle of Love
Nude figures frolic in the wooded foreground.
Boston Public Library
Beaux-Arts, Overall view of E Façade
Boston Public Library
Beaux-Arts, Closer view of E Façade with arcade and entrance
Boston Public Library
Beaux-Arts, Close-up view of E entrance arcade with sculpture, surface treatment, iron gate
Boston Public Library
Beaux-Arts, Overall view of N Façade with later addition
Boston Public Library
Beaux-Arts, N Façade detail showing surface treatment
Boston Public Library
Beaux-Arts, View of Courtyard with colonnade
Boy in a Red Waistcoat
Oil painting of a boy wearing casual clothing including a red waistcoat and a brown hat, leaning against a wall.
Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven
No Description Available.
Brittany Landscape
No Description Available.
The Burghers of Calais
Total view of The Burghers of Calais with cloaked burgher at right. From the Nineteenth Century.
Casa Vicens
The close detail view is of the exterior facade and shows the yellow flower decorated ceramic tiles and the wrought iron fence with its flower decorations.
Casa Vicens
The view is a close detail of the winged dragon like creature atop the fence and behind can be seen the yellow flowery design on the blue-green ground of the ceramic tiles.
Casa Vicens
The view is of one of the turrets and the juxtaposition of colorful ceramic tiles laid on the rough red bricks.
Casa Vicens
The close view of the exterior of the building shows the detail of the alternating flowered ceramic tiles with plain white tiles as well as two small cupids that sit on a ledge. A vertical stained glass window is also shown.
Casa Vicens
A small cupid sits atop a window ledge with the alternating pattern of white tiles and flowered tiles behind.
Casa Vicens
In this view the rough undressed stone is visible juxtaposed next to the rough red brick and the smooth decorative ceramic tiles.
Casa Vicens
The facade of the house shows the color and many textural patterns. The windows are dressed with a variety of balconies and grids.
Casa Vicens
The view is of the corner of the house with a close view of colored ceramic tiles and textures.
Cirque at Gavarnie
The almost square composition depicts a dramatic and sublime, circular mountainous landscape with a waterfall.
Claude Debussy in Rome
In the portrait, the man faces the left side of the artwork. The pastel strokes are large and loose creating the planes of his face. He wears a dark suit and has some sparse facial hair.
The Clay Mill, Norfolk
No Description Available.
Corn Husk Doll
The doll's dress has been dyed red and she is holding a baby also made of corn husk. The faces are drawn.
Dinner Table at Night
Painting depicting a lady with a glass of claret.
Dinner Table at Night
Painting depicting a dinner table at night.
Eleanora O'Donnell Iselin (Mrs Adrian Iselin)
Portrait of Eleanora O'Donnell Iselin wearing a dark dress, posing next to a small table.
Entrance to Public Gardens in Arles
No Description Available.
Evening, Honfleur
Oil painting of a dock overlooking the water.
Flower Beds in Holland
No Description Available.
The Flower Sellers
Two women in ruffled gowns are at the center of the action next to a donkey carrying the flower seller's baskets. General merrymaking takes place behind and beside the women. A couple at the right side of the painting are seated and appear to be chatting.
General View of Universal Exposition, Paris, 1889
A three-fourths angle aerial view illustrates the grounds of the Universal Exposition of 1889 and is noted as such on the engraving.
Girl in a Boat with Geese
Landscape painting of several geese at the edge of a pond where a girl is visible in a boat.
Hans Jaeger
No Description Available.
Hans Jaeger
head, showing brushwork
Hark! The Lark
A pastoral painting of three young women.
Hospital Corridor at Saint-Rémy
No Description Available.
A still life of currency, stamps, and a photograph with a painted frame.
In the Opera Box Number Three
A woman seated in a box at the theater holds an opened fan.
The three-stringed instrument has a small bulbous body highly decorated with patterns.
The Kiss (Le Baiser)
Bronze sculpture of a nude man and woman seated on a rock, embracing in a kiss.
Landscape from the Bretagne
A painting of the landscape from the Bretagne.
The Lighthouse at Honfleur
Oil painting depicting a lighthouse and other buildings along a shoreline.