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Abigail Smith Babcock (Mrs Adam Babcock)

Description: Oil painting of Abigail Smith Babcock wearing a pink-colored gown and a fur-lined cloak. She is seated for the portrait, facing toward the right side of the painting. She appears to be holding beads in her hands.
Date: 1774~
Creator: Copley, John Singleton

Benjamin West

Description: Portrait of Benjamin West, visible from the waist up, posing with his right elbow on a table. He is wearing a blue coat and dark hat, holding a frame in his left hand.
Date: 1776~
Creator: West, Benjamin

Lady Elizabeth Delmé and Her Children

Description: Portrait of Lady Elizabeth Delmé, seated under a tree with her left arm around a young boy and girl. A dog is seated in front of the children. Other trees are visible in teh background.
Date: 1777/1779
Creator: Reynolds, Joshua

Mrs. John Lothrop

Description: Portrait of Mrs. John Lothrop, pictured from the waist up. She is wearing a yellow dress with white accents, and has flowers in her hair. She is holding a rose and a fan in her hands and more flowers are visible in the background.
Date: 1770~
Creator: Durand, John

The Punished Son

Description: No Description Available.
Date: 1778
Creator: GREUZE, Jean Baptiste

The Punished Son

Description: mother and returning repentant son
Date: 1778
Creator: GREUZE, Jean Baptiste


Description: The portrait is of a man wearing head covering, glasses and gazing straight out of the picture plane.
Date: 1775
Creator: Chardin, Jean-Siméon

Voltaire Nude

Description: quasi-total from front
Date: 1776
Creator: Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste

Voltaire Nude

Description: half-length from right
Date: 1776
Creator: Pigalle, Jean-Baptiste