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The Learned, Court of the Fiestas, Corrido of the Agrarian Revolution

Description: A group of people surround an elderly man with a long white beard and wearing a funnel on his head. In the background are men wearing straps of ammunition. One man in the foreground sits on a stack of books and another man in the foreground holds a feather quill pen and sits on an elephant sculpture. Some text in Spanish drapes across the top of the mural panel.
Date: 1923/1928
Creator: Rivera, Diego

The Lovers

Description: Painting of two lovers (female and male) embracing one another. Pink, orange, green, yellow, blue and brown blocks of pigment with semi-loose black outline.
Date: 1923~
Creator: Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973

Madame Picasso

Description: Painting of a seated woman with head turned three-quarters view in a red-brown chair. She is wearing a blue-gray coat with a red-brown fur trimmed collar.
Date: 1923~
Creator: Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973