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[Lion Monument]
Photograph of the Lion Monument in Lucerne, Switzerland. The sculpture is visible in the foreground cut into the rock. Trees frame the image. The lion is cut into the center of the image surrounded by text.
Photograph of a mosaic in Venice, Italy. Half of a domed roof is visible in the foreground. The dome is decorated a detailed mosaic depicting many figures in front of a building. Below the mosaic, a row of columns and a carved archway are visible.
[St. Mark's Basilica doorway]
Photograph of St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy. The top detail of a doorway fills the frame. A mosaic scene is inset into the top half dome of the doorway. Columns line the sides under the mosaic. The doorway is carved out of marble.
[The Trevi Fountain]
Photograph of the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. In the foreground, a portion of the piazza in front of the fountain is visible and crowded with people. Behind the people, the fountain is visible along with the top of the Palazzo Poli, which is the backdrop for the fountain.