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Haiku Poem by Issa (1763-1827)

Description: The top half of the postcard contains a depiction of a person on their knees with a wide-eyed expression and shoes on their hands. The poem is written along the bottom edge of the picture and the right edge of the postcard. The bottom half is empty.
Date: 1900~
Creator: Saitô Shôshû

Iga Province

Description: A woman in a heavy striped cloak and a blue scarf looks over her left shoulder. Behind her is a landscape with several people toting parcels and bundles. In the background there is a cityscape silhouette and two people at the left edge of the print. Japanese text is in the insets in the upper right portion of the print.
Date: 1852
Creator: Utagawa Kuniyoshi & Utagawa Yoshitori-jo

New Year's Card: Card Game

Description: The vertically oriented postcard depicts an aerial view of a woman in a kimono playing a card game. She is seated and her opponent is partially seen in silhouette. The ground of the card is a pale blue. There is some Japanese text in red in the upper right hand corner of the postcard. The woman's kimono includes the card suits, spades, clubs, hearts, and diamonds.
Date: 1920/1930~
Creator: S. Riyo

New Year's Card: Dancing Couple

Description: A couple dances in this vertically oriented postcard. The woman is wearing a kimono and the man seen behind her is in black. The style of the rendering is reminiscent of Art Deco. Some Japanese text is in the lower right corner of the postcard. The ground of the card is a light blue.
Date: 1920/1930~
Creator: S. Riyo

New Year's Card: Going to Shimonoseki

Description: A man and woman are seen from behind while the man carries many packages. The woman walks in front of him and she wears a black and white striped stole, a red hat and a green coat with fur trim. There is some red Japanese text in the lower left corner of the postcard and in the upper left an inset with blue Japanese text.
Date: 1920/1930~
Creator: S. Riyo

New Year's Card: Sacred Rocks

Description: In this horizontally oriented postcard two rock formations are joined by a bridge. Atop the larger formation on the left side of the postcard is a gate. A red stamp is in the upper right corner of the postcard as well as some Japanese text.
Date: 1920/1930~