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Caricature of Assembly of Notables, February 22, 1787
The colored etching depicts a group of chickens, ducks, and other fowl listening to the monkey dressed as a maitre d'.
Caricature of Louis XVI (1754-1793) Playing Chess with a Soldier of National Guard
A group of aristocrats, nobility and a soldier mingle around a game of chess.
Caricature of Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
The illustration depicts a man breaking a chain over an anvil with a mallet. Underneath is the caption, "Le Vieux briseur de fers."
Characters of the French Revolution
The horizontal composition includes detailed paintings of various people during the time of the French Revolution with captions.
Divorce: The Reconciliation.
Two couples and a child are exhibiting emotion with a judge seated between them.
Freedom of Press
The colored etching depicts a group of people in front of many presses.
Nautilus Passengers
The black and white engraving depicts men looking at the great creatures under the sea.
Pas le sou! Si j'allais chez Miss Howard: Caricature of Louis-Napoleon Bonaporte (1808-1873)
The portrait is of a man showing that his pockets are empty while from behind fish are visible.
Purifying Pot of Jacobins
The painting depicts a man straining the bourgeois from a pot of Jacobins.
The Royal Arms Jubilant
Queen Victoria, a lion picking his teeth, a unicorn, coat of arms, champagne, flags, meat on a platter, seascape, boats in the distance are all pictured in this satirical cartoon from the weekly magazine, St. Stephen's Review.