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The Town Guard
A line of a dozen men, in a variety of dress, wield rifles while in the background a thirteenth man receives advice from a woman.
Two pages from the English translation of ''The Departure of the Argonaut'' by Alberto Savinio
Francesco Clemente embellished with lithography Alberto Savinio's war time diary, The Departure of the Argonaut.
The Union Club
A raucous party is taking place in this engraving.
UNT Speaks Out on No Child Left Behind: The Impact of NCLB on Arts Education
This presentation is part of the faculty lecture series UNT Speaks Out on No Child Left Behind. This presentation discusses the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act and its impact on arts education.
Untitled (Woman with Coat Uplifted in Wind)
No Description Available.
Very Unpleasant Weather, or the Old Saying Verified, Raining Cats, Dogs, and Pitchforks
A group of people braving the rain and wind are pummeled by cats, dogs, and pitchforks falling from the sky.
Victor Costa
Short documentary on fashion designer Victor Costa. Created on the occasion of Mr. Costa receiving the Legend's Award of the University of Houston's College of Technology in November 2015, the video includes archival still and motion images, interviews with Victor Costa, Robert Sakowitz, Roz Pactor, and Jerry Ann Woodfin Costa. Discusses his early life in Houston, education, and work as a fashion designer. Footage includes early interviews and fashion shows.
Video Conference and Eddie
This predominately black and white work consists of three main images, some text and several colorful marks moving across the face of the artwork. The larger text states, "Bush and Iraq's leader have video conference."
Photograph of a streetscape in Vienna, Austria. In the foreground, numerous shop signs and blue cafe umbrellas are visible; orange umbrellas are visible in the middle ground; more buildings and a sculpture in scaffolding are visible in the background.
Virgin and Child
No Description Available.
Voertman Awards
This poster was created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition held in 1982. The juror is listed as Ric Collier, the Director of the Corpus Christi Art Museum.
Voertman Awards / Call for Entries
This poster was created by an art student for the 1983 Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition. Depicted near the bottom of the poster is a palette and paintbrush displayed as though a fine dish of food. The stylized design is in blue and pink.
Voertman Awards / Voertman Awards / Voertman Awards
This poster was created by an art student for the annual Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition.
Voertman's Student Competion (sic) Competition / The Race is On!
This poster was created by an art student for the annual 1984 Voertman Award Competition and Exhibition. The imagery depicted at the top of the poster is a large pencil turned into a race car. The colors are red, yellow and black.
Walking Man
No Description Available.
Wall Hanging
No Description Available.
Wanted: Dead or Alive, 1.000.000. $
Poster used in the Polish Solidarity movement during the 1980s depicting an image of a man wearing dark glasses. Above his face is the word, WANTED, and beneath, the words, Dead or Alive 1.000.000. $
[Westminster Abbey]
Photograph of Westminster Abbey in London, England. A busy street full of cars is visible in the foreground in front of the abbey facade.
[White Hart Hotel]
Photograph of the White Hart Hotel in St. Albans, England. The hotel is visible in the foreground between two buildings. A planter with flowers sticks out in the right foreground.
[Winchester Gate]
Photograph of an old city wall in Winchester, England. A street runs up to the wall and through the large portal. The portal leads to the cathedral area.
[Winchester Street]
Photograph of a street in Winchester, England. Street is lined with shops and people walking. Other buildings are visible in the background.
Woman and Dog in Front of the Moon
No Description Available.
Woman with a Daffodil
No Description Available.
Wonder Wheel (Coney Island)
This oil painting depicts a scene from Coney Island which includes a Wonder Wheel, signage advertising frankfurters and hamburgers, Astroland, and an ATM.