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[Dragon Wall]
Photograph of the Yu Garden in Shanghai, China. In the foreground, a large decorative rock sits in front of a white wall. The wall is topped with decorative carvings depicting a large dragon head. In the background, a roofline and trees are visible.
[Folded Brocade Hill]
Photograph of the Folded Brocade Hill (Diecai Shan) in Guilin, China. In the foreground, a wall is visible with a tree growing out of the left side. A stone tablet stands in front of the wall. Behind the wall, four figures are visible.
[Forbidden City Gate]
Photograph of a gate in the Forbidden City of Beijing, China. The gate doors remain closed. Intricate carvings surround the gate. A sign is posted above the doors.
[Lama Temple]
Photograph of a man exiting a building in the Lama Temple of Beijing, China. Another man in similar dress is seen within the doorway. The two men wear long black dresses with red sashes.
[Rock Garden]
Photograph of a rock garden within the Yu Gardens in Shanghai, China. Large decorative rocks are visible in the foreground. In the background, a pointed roof is visible above the trees.