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Cathedral of Havana
The view is of the lower portion of the main facade of the cathedral. The large doors and the complex pediments above the doors are shown.
Cathedral of Havana
The close detail of the exterior of the cathedral shows a decorated and sculptural pediment above a side door.
Cathedral of Havana
The partial view of the facade of the Cathedral of Havana is seen from the portico of the Palacio del Marques de Arcos.
Cathedral of Havana
The view is of the small door on the west side. Also shown are sculptural figures in the niches.
Cathedral of Havana
The view is of the main front facade and twin towers of the cathedral. Brickwork, arched windows and decorated pediments are visible in this eighteenth-century cathedral.
Palacio de los Marquesas de Arcos
The facade of the palace includes an arched ground floor loggia and second floor glass doors opening onto balconies facing the plaza.
The spinet is decorated on the inside panel with a painting of several people in a landscape.