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Description: Art work in Cardboard, Tissue paper, and paper by artist Saxon Martinez, as part of an exhibition entitled "Candalaria Paredes and Delores Martinez" in the Cora Stafford Gallery, University of North Texas, from April 4 to April 8, 2023.
Access: Restricted to UNT Community Members. Login required if off-campus.
Date: 2023
Creator: Martinez, Saxon

2,490 Feet

Description: The work is a coiled piece of paper that measures 2,490 feet when unwound. Pieces of white string tie sections to hold it in place.
Date: 2011/2012
Creator: Lawrence, Annette

[4-panel piece, handmade paper on silk]

Description: The artwork consists of four panels each turned on point. A grid ladder pattern turned in various directions appears in each panel. The colors are warm reddish browns and light blues. Other rectangular and triangular outlined shapes appear scattered across the panels.
Date: 1981~
Creator: Spear, Shigeko

9 Will Do

Description: Work of art of Sterling Silver by artist Caron Dessoye as part of a 2020 MFA Exhibition entitled " Lucky You". This image shows the darker side of luck.
Date: 2020
Creator: Dessoye, Caron
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Description: Brief Artist Statement by Jihye Han as part of a 2021 MFA Exhibition, entitled "11,009km” at the Goldmark Cultural Center in Dallas, TX on April 9-May 7, 2021.
Date: May 2021
Creator: Han, Jihye
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