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Primary view of Pediatric Emergency Departments: "Safety-Net" Providers for Vulnerable Children
Roy, Lonnie C.; Eve, Susan Brown & Ahmad, Naveed
Primary view of Ethnic Differences in the Use of Health Care Services Among Older Texans
Eve, Susan Brown & Friedsam, Hiram J.
Primary view of The Effects of Reaganomics on Health and Nutrition of the Minority Elderly
Eve, Susan Brown
Summer 1982
Primary view of Older Adults' Use of Health Maintenance Organizations
Eve, Susan Brown
June 1982
Primary view of The Need for an Indigent Healthcare Clinic in Irving, Texas
Weinstein, Bernard L.; Eve, Susan Brown & Fawcett, Beth
July 2000
Primary view of The Changing Use of Health Care Services among a Sample of Unmarried Older Women: 1969 to 1979
Martin, Cora A. & Eve, Susan Brown
Primary view of Community-oriented policing in a multicultural milieu: the case of loitering and disorderly conduct in East Arlington, Texas
Eve, Raymond A., 1946-; Rodeheaver, Daniel Gilbert, 1954-; Eve, Susan Brown; Hockenberger, Maureen; PĂ©rez, Ramona L.; Burton, Ken et al.
September 20, 2002
Primary view of The Status of Women and Girls in Dallas County: A Review of the Academic Literature
Fawcett, Beth; Means, Frances; McDanel, Rodney A. & Eve, Susan Brown
August 2002
Primary view of Use of Health Care Services by Older Adults in the United States, Great Britain and Canada
Eve, Susan Brown; Pillai, Vijayan K.; Easterling, Calvin Henry & Jones, John D.
Primary view of Use of tranquilizers and sleeping pills among older Texans
Eve, Susan Brown & Friedsam, Hiram J.
April 1981
Primary view of Criminal Victimization and Fear of Crime Among the Elderly in the United States: A Critique of the Empirical Research Literature
Eve, Susan Brown
November 26, 1984
Primary view of Teaching Nursing Homes: The Case for Long-Term Care Administration
Eve, Susan Brown; Friedsam, Hiram J.; Martin, Cora A. & Shore, Herbert
Primary view of Violence Against Women: Strategies for Rural Areas
Eve, Susan Brown; Marshall, Linda L. & Eve, Raymond A., 1946-
Primary view of Community/University Collaboration in Health Care Planning: A Case Study
Eve, Susan Brown; Williamson, David Allen; Barbour, Walter Beatrice & Lawson, Erma Jean
Winter 2000
Primary view of Care and Health
Eve, Susan Brown
December 17, 2005
Primary view of Use of Tranquilizers and Sleeping Pills Among Older Texans
Eve, Susan Brown & Friedsam, Hiram J.
April 1981
Primary view of Utilization of Hospital Services by the Older Adult: A look at today's trends, and projections for tomorrow
Arnold, Aline & Eve, Susan Brown
January 1982
Primary view of In the Interest of Community Health: Building Relationships between Metropolitan Universities and Academic Health Centers
Johnson, Daniel M.; Eve, Susan Brown & Ingman, Stanley R.
Autumn 1995
Primary view of Down deep in the holler: chasing seeds and stories in southern Appalachia
Veteto, James R.
September 27, 2013
Primary view of High-Performing Self-Managed Work Teams: A Comparison of Theory to Practice
Yeatts, Dale E., 1952- & Hyten, Cloyd
Primary view of Housing and the Aging Population: Options for the New Century
Folts, W. Edward (William Edward) & Yeatts, Dale E., 1952-
Primary view of Empowered Work Teams in Long-Term Care: Strategies for Improving Outcomes for Residents and Staff
Yeatts, Dale E., 1952-; Cready, Cynthia M. & Noelker, Linda S.
Primary view of Functional Analysis and Treatment of Self-Injury in a Captive Olive Baboon
Dorey, Nicole R.; Rosales-Ruiz, Jesus; Smith, Richard G. & Lovelace, Bryan S.
Primary view of Financing Geriatric Programs in Community Health Centers
Yeatts, Dale E., 1952-; Ray, Sheila; List, Noel & Duggar, Benjamin