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Primary view of The Application Of An Ergonomically Modified Keyboard To Reduce Piano-Related Pain
Yoshimura, Eri & Chesky, Kris S.
November 2009
Primary view of Attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture
Chesky, Kris S.; Pair, Marla; Lanford, Scott & Yoshimura, Eri
Primary view of Building Bridges: Collaborative partnerships between institutions of higher education and independent school districts
Emmanuel, Donna T.
September 2004
Primary view of Ethnomusicologists and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Murphy, John P. (John Patrick)
Primary view of Health Promotion in Schools of Music: Initial Recommendations for Schools of Music
Chesky, Kris S.; Dawson, William J. & Manchester, Ralph
Primary view of Improving Retention of Chord Recognition and Voice-Leading Principles through Immediate Feedback about Errors in Practice Drills
Dworak, Paul E.
March 28, 2012
Primary view of Liminality as Thought and Action
Emmanuel, Donna T.
August 2011
Primary view of De los órganos misionales de Chiquitos y su relevancia para la práctica musical
Illari, Bernardo
May 1999
Primary view of Music Appreciation: To What End?
Spring, Staci
February 2013
Primary view of La música colonial latinoamericana es...
Illari, Bernardo
Primary view of Risk Factors for Piano-related Pain among College Students
Yoshimura, Eri; Paul, Pamela Mia; Aerts, Cyriel & Chesky, Kris S.
September 2006
Primary view of “¿Son Modos? Tonos y salmodia en Andrés Lorente
Illari, Bernardo
Primary view of Zuola, criollismo, nacionalismo y musicología
Illari, Bernardo
November 2000