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Accidentals on Purpose: Perfect Your Lever or Pedal Technique
This article discusses strategies for harpists to improve their lever and pedal technique.
An Acoustical Analysis of the Frequency-Attenuation Response of Musician Earplugs
This article discusses the influence of musician earplugs on musical stimuli.
The Application Of An Ergonomically Modified Keyboard To Reduce Piano-Related Pain
Article discussing the application of an ergonomically modified keyboard to reduce piano-related pain.
Attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture
Article discussing research on the attitudes of college music students towards noise in youth culture.
Balance Points: Achieving Balance in Your Body to Make Better Music
This article discusses the need for harpists to be properly balanced when playing.
Building Bridges: Collaborative partnerships between institutions of higher education and independent school districts
Article discussing building collaborative partnerships between institutions of higher education and independent school districts.
Charting Your Course: Explore Your Musical Landscape and Elevate Your Performance
This article discusses how to engage with the musical structure of a work to enhance a musician's performance.
Cracking the Code: Using Tonal Theory to Solve the Puzzle Between the Notes
This article discusses strategies for harpists to use music theory for learning and memorizing music.
Creating Music in Silence: How to Harvest the White Space Between the Notes
This article discusses the use of white space between notes to enhance a harpist's technical skills.
Ethnomusicologists and Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
This paper discusses ethnomusicologists and noise-induced hearing loss.
Find Your Voice: Beautiful Tone is Possible for Everyone
This article discusses strategies for harpists to improve their tone.
Fire Up Your Warm Ups: Find the Right Recipe to Get Your Body Primed to Practice
This article discusses the reasons why warm ups are necessary, and includes variations for harpists.
Harp by Heart: Playing by Heart Does Not Need to be a Heart-Stopping Experience
This article discusses strategies memorizing music.
Health Promotion in Schools of Music: Initial Recommendations for Schools of Music
This article discusses the Health Promotion in Schools of Music (HPSM) Project.
Improving Retention of Chord Recognition and Voice-Leading Principles through Immediate Feedback about Errors in Practice Drills
Poster presented as part of the 2012 University Forum on Teaching & Learning. This poster discusses improving retention of chord recognition and voice-leading principles in students of music.
Just Roll With It: Exploring the Array of Arpeggiated Chords
This article discusses different styles for playing arpeggiated chords.
Liminality as Thought and Action
This article discusses liminality as thought and action in urban music education programs.
De los órganos misionales de Chiquitos y su relevancia para la práctica musical
This article discusses the missionary organs of Chiquitos and their relevance for musical practice
Mind Games: Getting Out of Your Head
This article discusses strategies for developing focus during a performance.
Music Appreciation: To What End?
This paper was awarded a Nicholas and Anna Ricco Ethics Award for 2013. This paper discusses music appreciation. The author looks at who is qualified to teach a Music Appreciation course, what the true purpose of such a course is in the general curriculum, and what our responsibility in musically educating our citizens is.
La música colonial latinoamericana es...
This article traces apart the relationships embedded in describing Latin American colonial music.
A Personal Journey with Henriette Renié
This article contains an excerpt from The Legend of Henriette Renié by Odette de Montesquiou, edited by Jaymee Haefner, translated by Robert Kilpatrick and published by AuthorHouse.
Playing in Theory: Incorporating Music Theory Into Your Harp Playing
This article discusses basic principles of music theory that can incorporated into learning a musical work.
Practice Takes Practice: Find All the Time You Need to Practice
This article discusses strategies for musicians to have more efficient practice sessions.
Practice Takes Practice: Maximize Your Investment in Practice Time
This article discusses time management strategies for practice sessions.
Put Some Bliss in Your Gliss: Mastering Our Signature Sound
This article discusses the glissando for harp.
Reset the Standard
This article discusses how harpists can incorporate alternative pieces into their standard repertoire.
Reviving Old War Horses: How to Breathe New Life Into Stale Standards
This article discusses strategies to reinvigorate repertoire standards.
Risk Factors for Piano-related Pain among College Students
This article discusses risk factors for piano-related pain among college students.
This article discusses strategies to improve sight-reading musical works.
“¿Son Modos? Tonos y salmodia en Andrés Lorente
This book chapter discusses the distinction between modes and tones as corresponding to different epistemologies.
Work Out Stage Stress
This article discusses how exercise can mitigate stage fright.
Zuola, criollismo, nacionalismo y musicología
This article discusses Ibero-American musicology in relation to the manuscript produced by the Franciscan Fray Gregorio de Zuola.