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Primary view of An Issue of Granularity: Decomposing Redesigned Courses on Different Levels of Details
Li, Fei; Polyakov, Serhiy; Barnes, Svetlana; Moen, William E. & Xu, Hong
Primary view of The Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education
Allen, Jeff M.; Sarkees-Wircenski, Michelle & West, Lynda L.
Primary view of Leadership in Career and Technical Education: Beginning the 21st Century
Gregson, James A. & Allen, Jeff M.
Primary view of Leadership, Training, Mentoring, and Instructional Design
Pasquini, Laura A.
Primary view of LEAP II Institute: Digital Curation and Lifecycle Management Workshop
Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw
May 17, 2016
Primary view of Learning from Artifacts: Metadata Utilization Analysis
Moen, William E.; Miksa, Shawne D., 1969-; Eklund, Amy; Polyakov, Serhiy & Snyder, Gregory
Primary view of Libraries and the Research Enterprise: A View from a LIS Educator/Researcher
Moen, William E.
January 21, 2012
Primary view of Mapping the Interoperability Landscape for Networked Information Retrieval
Moen, William E.
June 2001
Primary view of MARCdocs: The MARC 21 Bibliographic Format Database
Moen, William E. & Thomale, Jason
October 28, 2004
Primary view of Metadata: A Networked Information Strategy to Improve Access to and Management of Government Information
Moen, William E.
Primary view of Metadata Change: Meeting the Evolving Requirements
Zavalina, Oksana; Kizhakkethil, Priya; Alemneh, Daniel Gelaw; Phillips, Mark Edward & Tarver, Hannah
November 26, 2014
Primary view of The Metadata Education and Research Information Commons (MERIC): A Collaborative Teaching and Research Initiative
Vellucci, Sherry L.; Hsieh-Yee, Ingrid & Moen, William E.
Primary view of Metadata Records Translation And Evaluation for Multilingual Information Access
Chen, Jiangping
September 2011
Primary view of Metadata Records Translation: The Case of The Portal to Texas History
Chen, Jiangping; Ding, Ren & Jiang, Shan
Primary view of Method for Generating Numerical Values Indicative of Frequencies of Selected Features in Objects, and a Computer System Implementing the Method
Rorvig, Mark E. & Jeong, Kitai
November 21, 2001
Primary view of Miles to go before we sleep: education, technology, and the changing paradigms in health information
Cleveland, Ana D.
January 2011
Primary view of Modeling Utilization of Planned Information Technology
Stettheimer, Timothy D. & Cleveland, Ana D., 1943-
November 1998
Primary view of Multi-Institutional Partnerships for Higher Education in Africa: A Case Study of Assumptions of International Academic Collaboration
Semali, Ladislaus M.
April 15, 2013
Primary view of Multilingual Information Access for Digital Libraries - The Metadata Records Translation Project
Chen, Jiangping
Primary view of Needs Assessment Study of Texas Academic, Public, and School Libraries: Final Report
Moen, William E.; Simpson, Carol; Mason, Florence & Wetherbee, Louella
October 2002
Primary view of Needs Assessment Study of Texas Academic, Public, and School Libraries: Project Plan
Moen, William E.; Simpson, Carol; Mason, Florence & Wetherbee, Louella
April 1, 2002
Primary view of Open Access: A New Paradigm for Knowledge Creation, Dissemination, and Access
Moen, William E. & Hartman, Cathy Nelson
April 28, 2009
Primary view of Open Access and Scholarly Communication: The Current Landscape, Future Direction, and the Influence on Global Scholarship
Hawamdeh, Suliman M.
October 2011
Primary view of Photography Changes Our Environmental Awareness
O'Connor, Brian Clark & Klaver, Irene