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Story of Baadil Jamaal by Laila Khan

Description: Recording of Laila Khan reciting the story of “Baadil Jamaal” in the Hunza dialect of Burushaski. In this popular story there is a king with seven sons, and he promises the sons that when they are to marry, he will let them marry whoever they wish. One son then travels to the side of a mountain where he lost his arrow, and meets an otherworldly woman named Baadil Jamaal. He insisted that he would not leave unless she married him, and he waited for a hundred years, and his family, missed him very much. One day Baadil Jamaal agreed to be the prince’s bride, and they went back to the kingdom, where the fairy restored the youth of the King and his wife.
Date: May 29, 2010
Creator: Khan, Laila