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The Journal for Vocational Special Needs Education

Description: This issue of the Journal for Vocational Special Needs focuses on the aging process and its effects on society and the workforce. Aging is the one experience that we all have in common. Individuals are expected to live longer in the future. Many will undoubtedly work beyond the traditional retirement age. This means that the composition of workers will be a blend of people, both young and old.
Date: 1998
Creator: Allen, Jeff M.; Sarkees-Wircenski, Michelle & West, Lynda L.

The Functional Ontology of Filmic Documents

Description: This book chapter discusses the functional ontology of filmic documents. The authors examine a few phases of probing of filmic documents, and the relationship between structure and meaning. The authors have taken the liberty of sketching the earlier phases and of presenting the most recent in somewhat more detail. Considerations of the early phases, among other issues of document use, led to the functional ontology construction as a foundation for this probing and for wider concerns within the arena of messages, meanings, and uses.
Date: 2007
Creator: Anderson, Richard L.; O'Connor, Brian Clark & Kearns, Jodi L.

Story of An Intelligent Horse by Imam Yar Baig

Description: Recording of Imam Yar Baig reciting "Aqalin-e-Hagur," in the Yasin dialect. In this popular story a girl is told to search for silk in her father’s beard, but finds a flea. She is told to keep the flea in a bag, and watches as the flea grows.
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Date: June 19, 2010
Creator: Baig, Imam Yar

Story of Baqti Jamal and Alqash by Bano

Description: Recording of Bano reciting “Baqti Jamal ke Alqash,” in the Hunza dialect. This popular story tells a tale of Baqti Jamal and Alqash, two friends that grew old together. One day on a picnic, Baqti Jamal found a golden treasure, and decided to share it with Alqash, but Alqash was greedy, and killed Baqti Jamal to keep the gold to himself. One day Alqash, now a wealthy minister to the king, needed help deciphering dreams, called upon Baqti Jamal’s son Abu Zare Jamhur, who held a book of prophecies
Date: September 15, 2012
Creator: Bano