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The Functional Ontology of Filmic Documents

Description: This book chapter discusses the functional ontology of filmic documents. The authors examine a few phases of probing of filmic documents, and the relationship between structure and meaning. The authors have taken the liberty of sketching the earlier phases and of presenting the most recent in somewhat more detail. Considerations of the early phases, among other issues of document use, led to the functional ontology construction as a foundation for this probing and for wider concerns within the arena of messages, meanings, and uses.
Date: 2007
Creator: Anderson, Richard L.; O'Connor, Brian Clark & Kearns, Jodi L.

Story of Baqtti Jamal and Alqash by Bano

Description: Recording of Bano reciting “Baqtti Jamal ke Alqash,” in the Hunza dialect. This popular story tells a tale of Baqtti Jamal and Alqash, two friends that grew old together. One day on a picnic, Baqtti Jamal found a golden treasure, and decided to share it with Alqash, but Alqash was greedy, and killed Baqtti Jamal to keep the gold to himself. One day Alqash, now a wealthy minister to the King, needed help deciphering dreams, called upon Baqtti Jamal’s son Abu Zare Jamhur, who held a book of prophecies
Date: September 15, 2012
Creator: Bano

Story of Bilbal Wazir by Bano

Description: Recording of Bano reciting “Bilbal Wazir” in the Hunza dialect. This is a popular story about Minister Bilbal, who was once a worker, and spent his money before he came home t his wife. He then proves his wisdom by not doing what he was told, and became a minister.
Date: September 15, 2012
Creator: Bano

The Apiary Project: High-Throughput Workflow for Computer-Assisted Human Parsing of Biological Specimen Label Data

Description: Presentation for the 2009 Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Meeting. This presentation discusses research on high-throughput workflow for computer-assisted human parsing of biological specimen label data. This is part of the Apiary Project, a collaboration of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge at the University of North Texas and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
Date: July 2009
Creator: Best, Jason H.; Neill, Amanda K. & Moen, William E.

Multilingual Information Access for Digital Libraries - The Metadata Records Translation Project

Description: This presentation was given as an invited talk to faculty and students at Wuhan University, Beijing Normal University, Nankai University, and the Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The presentation discusses research on multilingual information access for digital libraries and the Metadata Records Translation (MRT) Project.
Date: 2011
Creator: Chen, Jiangping

Resource and Resource Sharing in Intelligent Information Access

Description: This presentation discusses an exploratory study on resources and resource sharing among researchers in Intelligent Information Access (IIA). The investigation consists of two stages. In Stage One, the authors conducted a content analysis to identify resources used in 145 research papers and reports in two subfields of IIA; and in Stage Two, the authors carried out an online survey of IIA researchers to understand resource-sharing channels and the researchers' perspectives on resource sharing.
Date: October 23, 2008
Creator: Chen, Jiangping