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Proverbs of Ustaad Qadir by Muneeb Dawar

Description: Recording of Muneeb Dawar discussing the proverbs of Ustaad Qadir in the Hunza dialect. Muneeb recalls the stories of Ustaad Qadir and recites some of his proverbs. Ustaad Qadir is sometimes referred to as "Berich Qadiro", although the term "Berich" is perceived to be derogatory by the native speakers. The term has been used to refer to the musicians class, which was stigmatized in the past.
Date: June 8, 2010
Creator: Munshi, Sadaf

Story of Maghlott and Girkis by Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan

Description: Transcription and translation of the recording of Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan narrating the story of "Maghlot ke Girkits" ('weasel and rat') in the Srinagar dialect. In this popular story two boys are born conjoined, and are separated by a knife. The two brothers are raised by two separate clans, always meeting in constant contention with each other, giving them the nicknames Maghlot ('weasel') and Girkits ('rat') for their physical and behavioral traits. Knowing the brothers would create instability, the king separates the kingdom into two halves, creating the divide between the Hunza and the Nagar people
Date: unknown
Creator: Munshi, Sadaf

Story of A Kind Man by Suram Daam

Description: A story recited by Suram Daam entitled "A Kind Man," in the Hunza dialect. In this popular story, A father searches for his wife and kids that have left to the fairy realm. As he searches for them, he is allowed to continue his search because many things see how kind he is, and are kind in return.
Date: June 8, 2010
Creator: Daam, Suram