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Technology Enhanced Instruction: An Example of English Language Learning in the Context of Peace
This study reveals the impact of learning through technology in the English language.
How does intrinsic and extrinsic motivation drive performance culture in organizations
This article reviews literature on the subject of employee motivation to determine whether intrinsic or extrinsic motivation is becoming the driving force of business.
Web archives: A preliminary exploration of user expectations vs. reality
Presentation for the Workshop on Web Archiving and Digital Libraries (WADL) as part of the 2017 ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Conference on Digital Libraries (JCDL). This presentation discusses a paper examining how users perceive the process of web archiving.
The Life Between Big Data Log Events: Learners' Strategies to Overcome Challenges in MOOCs
This article discusses a study in which 92 MOOC learners were interviewed to better understand their worlds, investigate possible mechanisms of student attrition, and extend conversations about the use of big data in education.
A Multilevel System of Quality Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching Indicators
This paper elaborates and extends the work of the EDUsummIT 2015 Thematic Working Group 7 by proposing a set of indicators on quality Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching.
EDUsummIT: A Global Knowledge Building Community for Educational Researchers, Practitioners, and Policy Makers
This paper reports findings of an evaluative study conducted at the conclusion of EDUsummIT 2015 to investigate the effectiveness and impact of EDUsummIT.
Preliminary Analysis of Faculty Perception and Engagement with Open Access Institutional Repositories (OA IR)
Presentation for the 2017 Texas Conference on Digital Libraries. This presentation discusses survey data showing differences in regard to faculty awareness of OA declarations, OA policy, and intent to deposit.
Story of Tiliti Tham by Badshai Khan (Tataku) (2)
Recording of Badshai Khan (Tataku), a speaker of Yasin Burushaski, reciting the story of Tiliti Tham.
Song entitled "Ishqam Jutining" by Mehboob Jan Yasini
Recording of the song "Ishqam jutining" at Rivera Hotel in Gilgit.
Proverbs of Ustaad Qadir by Muneeb Dawar
Recording of Muneeb Dawar discussing the proverbs of Ustaad Qadir in the Hunza dialect. Muneeb recalls the stories of Ustaad Qadir and recites some of his proverbs. Ustaad Qadir is sometimes referred to as "Berich Qadiro", although the term "Berich" is perceived to be derogatory by the native speakers. The term has been used to refer to the musicians class, which was stigmatized in the past.
Poetry titled Gulchum-cha-tum-Nazur by Farman-and-group_20-June-2010-2 [YB]
Recording of {{{name}}} reciting "{{{title}}}," a popular story...
Historical Account of Family by Abdullah - 2
Recording of Abdullah, a speaker of Nagar Burushaski, narrating a historical account.
Story of Maghlott and Girkis by Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan
Transcription and translation of the recording of Raja Jamsheed Ali Khan narrating the story of "Maghlot ke Girkits" ('weasel and rat') in the Srinagar dialect. In this popular story two boys are born conjoined, and are separated by a knife. The two brothers are raised by two separate clans, always meeting in constant contention with each other, giving them the nicknames Maghlot ('weasel') and Girkits ('rat') for their physical and behavioral traits. Knowing the brothers would create instability, the king separates the kingdom into two halves, creating the divide between the Hunza and the Nagar people
Historical Account of Hoper Nager by Mohammad Jabir
Recording of Muhammad Jabir, a speaker of Nagar Burushaski, narrating the history of Hoper Nagar.
Poem titled "Ajo Mathan" by Basharat Shafi (second version)
Recording of Basharat Shafi reciting the poem “Ajo Mathan”, or “Very Far” in the Yasin dialect. The poem likens being apart to worsening ones behavior, and going home helps repair the soul.
Story of A Kind Man by Suram Daam
A story recited by Suram Daam entitled "A Kind Man," in the Hunza dialect. In this popular story, A father searches for his wife and kids that have left to the fairy realm. As he searches for them, he is allowed to continue his search because many things see how kind he is, and are kind in return.
Cultural Account on Poetry Contests by Suram Daam
A recording of Suram Daam discussing the cultural history of poetry competitions in the Hunza dialect. This recording tells the story of a competitions between Hunza and Nagar, two groups competingin a song and poetry contest.
Photograph of Muneeb Dawar discussing proverbs of Ustaad Qadir
Photograph of Muneeb Dawar, a speaker of Hunza Burushaski, reciting proverbs of Ustaad Qadir.
Story of Mythical Donkey of Barashal by Muneeb Dawar
Recording of Muneeb Dawar narrating the story "Barashale Qaan Zrakun" ('mythical donkey of Barashal').
Story of Ghawu Kanguli by Muneeb Dawar
Recording of Muneeb Dawar reciting the story of "Ghawu Kanguli".
Photograph #20150621_142506
Photograph of research team during FLEx Workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Photograph #20150621_142538
Photograph of research team during FLEx Workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan.
Photograph of Zar Nigar and friend during field work in Hundur, Yasin.
Photograph #DSCN1467_YB_ Bagh
Photograph of fieldwork in Pakistan.
Photograph #DSCN1456
Photograph of Zar Nigar and friends.
Photograph of Badaq narrating a story
Photograph of Badaq reciting a story
Photograph #DSCN1458_YB_Juro
Photograph of Juru during fieldwork in Hundur, Yasin.
Video #00061_Song-by-Zafar-Iqbal-and-friends_Begham-Gusare_Gilgit
Video of Zafar Iqbal and friends performing a song in Yasin Burushaski.
Account on the War on Siyachin Border by Ramzan Ali and Fida [Edited]
Recording of Fida and Ramzan Ali reciting a personal account of a war on the Seyachin border in the Nagar dialect.
Account of a Personal Story by Khumel [Edited]
Recording of Khumel reciting a personal account in the Nagar dialect of Burushaski.
Story of Old Man and King by Raja Safdar Ali Khan
No Description Available.
Discussion on the Names of Months by Ramzan Ali
Recording of Ramzan Ali reciting the names of the months in the Nagar dialect of Burushaski.
Story of Sakhi by Badaq (preface)
Video of Badaq giving a preface of the story of Sakhi in Yasin Burushaski.
Video #00071_Placenames-and-their-background_Gyech-n-Tshelpi
Video of...
Video #00073_Placenames-and-their-background_Shingul
Video of...
Video #00084_Placenames-and-their-background_Religious-site-in-Yasin
Video of...
Video #00079_Placenames-and-their-background_Mos-duas-ddish
Video of...
Video #00090_Placenames-and-their-background_Taus-Yasin_Travel
Video of...
Video #00081_Placenames-and-their-background_Suma
Video of...
Video #00082_Placenames-and-their-background_Gopets-1st-stop-in-Yasin
Video of...
Video #00111_Discussion-on-musical-Instruments_by-group_Hundur-Yasin_July-2010
Video of...
Video #00110_Discussion-on-Project-by-Muhammad-Wazir-Khan_Hundur-Yasin
Video of...
Video #00093_Placenames-and-their-background_Barandaas-and-death-of-Shiri-Badat_Yasin
Video of...
Video #00107_Song-Performance_Qimat-Shah-n-Group_Hundur-Yasin
Video of...
Video #00070_Placenames-and-their-background_Burunjur
Video of...
Video #00085_Placenames-and-their-background_Tiiliti-Yasin
Video of...
Video #00091_Placenames-and-their-background_Muduri-Yasin
Video of...
Video #00068_Placenames-and-their-background_Yasin
Video of...
Video #00086_Placenames-and-their-background_Pun
Video of...
Video #00089_Placenames-and-their-background_Barenas-Ghaanas-in-Yasin
Video of...