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Primary view of The 21st Century Library: Collaborative Services, Standards, and Interoperability
Moen, William E.
October 26, 2002
Primary view of Allied Program Areas and Specializations within LIS: UNT Experience
Hawamdeh, Suliman M.
February 7, 2018
Primary view of An Alternative Approach to Interoperability Testing
Moen, William E. & Yoon, JungWon
November 1, 2005
Primary view of The Apiary Project: High-Throughput Workflow for Computer-Assisted Human Parsing of Biological Specimen Label Data
Best, Jason H.; Neill, Amanda K. & Moen, William E.
July 2009
Primary view of Archive and database architecture and usability
Caplow, Nancy J.; Khular, Sumshot & Willis Oko, Christina
November 17, 2017
Primary view of Are you Ready? Resource Description and Access (RDA)
Miksa, Shawne D., 1969-
November 16, 2007
Primary view of Arts and Humanities Academics Information Needs in Digital Era
Arshad, Alia & Ameen, Kanwal
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Assessing Descriptive Substance in Free-Text Collection-Level Metadata [Presentation]
Zavalina, Oksana; Palmer, Carole L.; Jackson, Amy S. & Han, Myung-Ja
September 24, 2008
Primary view of Barriers to Active Participation in VCoPs of a Brazilian Public Sector Company
Costa Ribeiro, Nara Viana; Watanabe Wilbert, Julieta K.; Aparecida Dandolini, Gertrudes & Artur de Souza, João
November 9, 2018
Primary view of The Case for Research Collaboration and Alignment: Social Informatics and Knowledge Sciences
Bedford, Denise A. D.; Garcia-Perez, Alexeis & Sallos, Mark
November 10, 2018
Primary view of Cataloger Tasks: Work In Progress
Miksa, Shawne D., 1969-
January 20, 2012
Primary view of Competency-Based Approach for Curriculum Development in Digital Curation
Kim, Jeonghyun & Moen, William E.
January 24, 2014
Primary view of Computational Resource for South Asian Languages
Chelliah, Shobhana Lakshmi
November 17, 2017
Primary view of Conceptual Relationships between Quality Management and Intellectual Capital Reporting - A Case Study
Bornemann, Manfred & Barachini, Franz
November 10, 2018
Primary view of Copyright, Open Access, and Creative Commons
Helge, Kris
January 14, 2015
Primary view of Creating a Knowledge-Sharing Culture Using the Implementation of a Digital Asset Management System: A Case Study
Leuchter, Jane
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Critical Evaluation of and Proposed Corrections for Knowledge Management Maturity Models
Bedford, Denise A. D.; Testa, Dean; Kollinger, Justin & Pierre, Shaqueta
November 9, 2018
Primary view of CTR-NT: A Survey of Local Cataloging Tool and Resource Utilization
Miksa, Shawne D., 1969-
June 28, 2008
Primary view of Development of an Electronic Resource Management Model for Science & Technology Institutions in India
Verma, Vijay Kumar
November 10, 2018
Primary view of Domain Knowledge Organization and Utilization—A Case in the Field of Nanoscience and Technology
Chen, Qimei; Zhang, Bo & Lv, Lucheng
November 9, 2018
Primary view of Ethics in Data Sharing
Munshi, Sadaf
November 17, 2017
Primary view of Examining MARC Records as Artifacts Reflecting Metadata Utilization Decisions
Moen, William E.
January 25, 2006
Primary view of Exploration of Metadata Change in a Digital Repository [Presentation]
Zavalina, Oksana & Kizhakkethil, Priya
March 25, 2015
Primary view of An Extensible Approach to Interoperability Testing: The Use of Special Diagnostic Records in the Context of Z39.50 and Online Library Catalogs
Moen, William E.; Hammer, Sebastian; Taylor, Mike; Thomale, Jason & Yoon, JungWon
June 2005