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Access to Film and Video Works: Surrogates for Moving Image Documents

Description: This doctoral dissertation discusses access to film and video works. Physical and intellectual access to moving image documents is insufficient, often insignificant, at the level of the individual user. Existing access tools suffer from a lack of recognition of the differences between linguistic text communication and image communication. Browsing and relevance judgements are made difficult by the physical realities of film and video documents - one cannot flip through them - and by the habits of serial and passive viewing.
Date: 1984
Creator: O'Connor, Brian Clark

Account by Abdullah of The Wazir of Shiri Badat

Description: Recording of Abdullah Minapin reciting an account of The Wazir of Shiri Badat in the Nagar dialect of Burushaski. In this story, Abdullah’s relative moves to the kingdom of a godlike Shiri Badat, who appoints Abdullah’s ancestor to the position of a minister (Wazir). Shiri Badat tastes a goat who was fed human milk, and grew enamored with the taste, and demanded from then on to be sacrificed young boys to eat. Abdullah’s ancestor, Demsing, was horrified, and begged the King’s daughter to tell the town’s people how to kill the tyrant, and she relented.
Date: June 26, 2010
Creator: Abdullah
Item Type: Sound

Account by Mohammad Nadir Khan on Hemaz

Description: Recording of Mohammad Nadir Khan reciting an account of the cultural festival of Hemaz. He is speaking in the Yasin dialect of Burushaski.
Date: July 26, 2010
Creator: Khan, Mohammad Nadir
Item Type: Sound

Account by Raja Abdul Hamid of a Personal Story

Description: Recording of Raja Abdul Hamid reciting a personal story in the Nagar dialect. Hamid tells us where and when he was born, his ancestry in the Royal family, his education, and his enrollment into the freedom fighters.
Date: July 26, 2010
Creator: Hamid, Raja Abdul
Item Type: Sound

Account by Sher Ahmed

Description: Recording of Sher Ahmed reciting a personal narrative in the Hunza dialect of Burushaski.
Date: July 26, 2010
Creator: Ahmed, Sher
Item Type: Sound

Account by Wazir Abbas discussing the history of Polo

Description: Recording of Wazir Abbas telling the History of Polo in the Nagar dialect. Abbas claims that the modern version of Polo on horses originated in Nagar. He then tells of a battle between the people of Nagar and Hunza.
Date: October 15, 2012
Creator: Abbas, Wazir
Item Type: Sound

An Alternative Approach to Interoperability Testing

Description: Presentation for the 2005 American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting. This presentation discusses an alternative approach to interoperability testing and the use of special diagnostic records in the context of Z39.50 and online library catalogs.
Date: November 1, 2005
Creator: Moen, William E. & Yoon, JungWon
Item Type: Presentation

Analysis of Management and Employee Job Satisfaction

Description: Article on an analysis of management and employee job satisfaction for gender, age group, length of time with the organization, and between management and non-management employees.
Date: 2004
Creator: Andrews, Charles G. & Allen, Jeff M.
Item Type: Article

The Apiary Project: High-Throughput Workflow for Computer-Assisted Human Parsing of Biological Specimen Label Data

Description: Presentation for the 2009 Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections Meeting. This presentation discusses research on high-throughput workflow for computer-assisted human parsing of biological specimen label data. This is part of the Apiary Project, a collaboration of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge at the University of North Texas and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
Date: July 2009
Creator: Best, Jason H.; Neill, Amanda K. & Moen, William E.
Item Type: Presentation

An Application Profile Using Darwin Core Rendered in the New Dublin Core Application Profile Framework

Description: Poster presented at the 2009 Taxonomic Database Working Group Annual Conference. This poster discusses an application profile using Darwin Core rendered in the new Dublin Core application profile framework. This is part of the Apiary Project, a collaboration of the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge at the University of North Texas and the Botanical Research Institute of Texas.
Date: November 2009
Creator: Moen, William E.; Huang, Jane Q.; McCotter, Melody; Best, Jason H. & Neill, Amanda K.
Item Type: Poster

Are you Ready? Resource Description and Access (RDA)

Description: Presentation for the School of Library and Information Sciences at the University of North Texas. This presentation discusses Resource Description and Access (RDA), what it is, the intention, functionality, structure, and implementation strategies, debates and issues, and recommendations.
Date: November 16, 2007
Creator: Miksa, Shawne D., 1969-
Item Type: Presentation

Assessing Descriptive Substance in Free-Text Collection-Level Metadata

Description: This paper discusses assessing descriptive substance in free-text collection-level metadata. This paper reports on a content analysis of collection records in an aggregation of cultural heritage collections.
Date: September 2008
Creator: Zavalina, Oksana; Palmer, Carole L.; Jackson, Amy S. & Han, Myung-Ja
Item Type: Paper