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Primary view of Multi-Document Summarization with Iterative Graph-based Algorithms
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Tarau, Paul
May 2005
Primary view of Multicell CDMA Network Design
Akl, Robert G.; Hegde, Manju V.; Naraghi-Pour, Mort & Min, Paul S.
May 2001
Primary view of The Multidisciplinary Facets of Research on Humour
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
July 2007
Primary view of Multifunctional Micropipette Biological Sensor
Choi, Tae-Youl
May 7, 2010
Primary view of Multilingual Subjectivity Analysis Using Machine Translation
Banea, Carmen; Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-; Wiebe, Janyce M. & Hassan, Samer
October 2008
Primary view of Multilingual Subjectivity: Are More Languages Better?
Banea, Carmen; Mihalcea, Rada, 1974- & Wiebe, Janyce M.
August 2010
Primary view of A Network Control Theory Approach to Modeling and Optimal Control of Zoonoses: Case Study of Brucellosis Transmission in Sub-Saharan Africa
Roy, Sandip; McElwain, Terry F. & Wan, Yan
October 2011
Primary view of Networks and Natural Language Processing
Radev, Dragomir R. & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
September 2008
Primary view of NLP (Natural Language Processing) for NLP (Natural Language Programming)
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-; Liu, Hugo & Lieberman, Henry
February 2006
Primary view of A Non-Preemptive Scheduling Algorithm for Soft Real-Time Systems
Li, Wenming; Kavi, Krishna M. & Akl, Robert G.
April 10, 2006
Primary view of Non-Uniform Grid-Based Routing in Sensor Networks
Akl, Robert G.; Kadiyala, Priyanka & Haidar, Mohamad
Primary view of Nonuniform Grid-Based Coordinated Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Akl, Robert G.; Kadiyala, Priyanka & Haidar, Mohamad
Primary view of A Novel Space Partitioning Algorithm to Improve Current Practices in Facility Placement
Jimenez, Tamara; Mikler, Armin R. & Tiwari, Chetan
March 2011
Primary view of Of Men, Women, and Computers: Data-Driven Gender Modeling for Improved User Interfaces
Liu, Hugo & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
March 2007
Primary view of On B.S.E and B.S.ET for the Engineering Profession
Barbieri, Enrique; Attarzadeh, Farrokh; Pascali, Raresh; Shireen, Wajiha & Fitzgibbon, William
Primary view of Open Mind Word Expert: Creating Large Data Collections with Web Users' Help
Chklovski, Timothy A. (Timothy Anatolievich), 1977- & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
June 2002
Primary view of Open Text Semantic Parsing Using FrameNet and WordNet
Shi, Lei & Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-
May 2004
Primary view of Optimal Access Point Selection and Traffic Allocation in IEEE 802.11 Networks
Akl, Robert G. & Park, Sangtae
July 2005
Primary view of Optimal Load Distribution in Large Scale WLAN Networks Utilizing a Power Management Algorithm
Haidar, Mohamad; Akl, Robert G.; Al-Rizzo, Hussain Mudhaffar Younis, 1957-; Chan, Yupo & Adada, Rami
May 2007
Primary view of Optomechanical Design for Precision Lens Positioning and Mounting
Wang, Shuping; Zhang, Chi; Alt, Mark; Davis, Colleen; Gardner, Michael L. & Ji, Zheng
August 25, 2016
Primary view of Oxidation behavior and microstructural decomposition of Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-4V-1B sheet
Brice, D. A.; Samimi, P.; Ghamarian, I.; Liu, Yue; Brice, R. M.; Reidy, Richard F. et al.
August 1, 2016
Primary view of PageRank on Semantic Networks, with Application to Word Sense Disambiguation
Mihalcea, Rada, 1974-; Tarau, Paul & Figa, Elizabeth
August 2004
Primary view of PAN-EARTH/CEACT International Workshop on Climate Variability and Climate Change in Venezuela and the Caribbean Region
Acevedo, Miguel F.; Andressen, Rigoberto; Caponi, Claudio; Moreau, Alicia & Robock, Alan
April 1990
Primary view of PAN-EARTH/FONAIAP Workshop on Crop Model Training and Calibration
Acevedo, Miguel F.; Andressen, Rigoberto; Azocar, Aura; Bisbal, Evelyn; Comerma, Juan; Corvo, Fernando et al.
November 1989